Why Forgiveness is Essential for Happiness & More!

Sometime last year, in 2022, I started to establish Spiritual commitments (7 to be exact), that I wanted to make into yearly resolutions.  With one of the promises being happiness, or Joy, I am starting to see why forgiveness is essential. 

If you haven’t noticed, unforgiving thoughts are not loving thoughts.  Instead, they are very judgmental and exude an energy of superiority.

Blog Post – AFFIRM: I Only Seek & Think the Truth

Unloving Thoughts Block the Thinking of God (Love)

The only way to think with God, is to forgive.  Forgiveness is extending your perception beyond the focus on someone’s guilt (even your own towards yourself), because the guilt in anyone is not who they are.

When we tend to judge based on our own perception, we get caught up because 99.9% of that perception is false.  It goes back to the that idea of – what is real, feels LESS real and what is LESS real, feels MORE real.

If we are seeking to align my thoughts with God, I have to ask – would God be thinking what I am thinking about the person, situation, place, (etc.)?  God sees all things.

Yet, forgiveness offers everything you want, because when we forgive, we release the unloving thoughts, looking past the judgement to the truth and love.  In other words, showing compassion and an understanding.

When we think with forgiveness, we are in alignment with God’s way of thinking, which is the only way to be happy and why forgiveness is essential.

This work isn’t easy.  But, it is essential.

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