Who AM I?! The Uncertainty of What We Are & Why We Are Here

What ultimately awakened me to the Spiritual journey for Soul recovery, was the big question of –  WHO AM I?!  Followed by, what are we and why are we here? 

So far removed from Self (with a capital S) and separated from the Source (or God, Universe, etc.), I become uncertain of why I was living on this earth (purpose) and whether I was actually alive or dead (not literally, but figuratively).

So, Who AM I?!

Despite how society wants to define or identify me (i.e. checking all the complicated boxes).  And, despite the opinions of other people, or past ideas (fears), I recognize and simply remain as God (or whatever or whoever you want to call it), created me – pure LOVE.

“I am LOVE, even when I don’t think I am LOVE.  I am LOVE, even when I don’t act like LOVE.”

The Uncertainty of What We Are & Why We Are Here:

In essence, we all are LOVE.  The uncertainty comes from the interesting ways in which the ego based thought system that dominates the world, has tempted, lured and taught us to think otherwise.

Yet, we can “atone” for the misguidance.  Allow the internal teacher (Holy Spirit, intuition, or Self) to be the gentle bridge that leads us back to the true perception of what we are.  A process that consists of correcting, transitioning and transforming the fearful thoughts of the world to ones filled with not only LOVE, but an understanding.

“A Miracle is a shift in perception from fear to Love.”

Is this not the mission in life?  The WHY as to WHY we are here on this earth?  To undo all the “madness,” or the craziness, paranoia, insanity, victim mentality, attack thoughts, judgement, etc.  And instead, choose, to see beyond this simulated world of illusions and truly remember who the “f*ck” we are.

“The Universe does not force atonement, It is a violation of free will.”

  This work isn’t easy, but it is ESSENTIAL.




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