3 Foundational “Secrets” to the Universal Law of Attraction!

Are you a Universal Law of Attraction Skeptic?  Or perhaps leery due to not seeing results?  Well, here are 3 grounding “secrets” to establish and/or deepen your faith.

Universal Law of Attraction

The endeavor of quantum physics, the Universal Law of Attraction is 1 out of 12 Natural Laws that work in TANDEM.  Essentially guiding everything in creation, this particular law can explain our power to engage with (or attract) the center of our attention.  Brought into appreciation by Buddhism, yet established and taught hundreds of years ago by Ancient religions, civilizations, even philosophy.  This Universal Law uses the strength of the mind to turn thoughts into reality.
Is the Universal Law of Attraction Real? 

YES!  But to classify the law as real, the other 11 need to be observed.  A big mystery and, unaware of the day-to-day impact, most individuals don’t know there are 12 Universal Laws to uncover.  Instead, when trying to manifest, they concentrate on the principles of the most common, which is the Law of Attraction.

LAOZI, a Chinese Philosopher and Founder of Taoism states – “Watch your thoughts, they become your words, watch your words, they become your actions.  Watch your actions, they become your habits, watch your habits, they become your character.  Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Furthermore, while some may easily explain specifics as “like attracts like” or simply imply a process of setting intentions, deliberate actions and complete surrender.  There is a bit more work to really mastering this life-changing order – THE REASON FOR THIS POST!  However, once the chemistry is fully learned, understood and exercised, it can be used to effectively materialize unlimited potential.  As well as, endless possibilities of cosmic abundance.


Universal Law of Vibration

#1 – Tune into the Universal Law of Vibration:

To thoroughly comprehend the Universal Law of Attraction, it’s best to reference the Universal Law of Vibration.  Which basically implies that everything in the universe, including our thoughts and emotions, is in a constant state of frequent movement (or vibrations).

“Vibrating at unique rates of frequency.  The sole difference between one item and another is the rate of its Vibrational Frequency.”

Intimately connected, the Law of Vibration is what causes attraction; like attracts like.  But not just by focusing merely on what we SAY we want.  But by acknowledging the vibration of the thoughts and feelings behind what we want.

With feelings (or emotions) dictating the vibrations of the body and thoughts the mind. Together they dictate how we experience life, attracting anything that is vibrating at the same frequency.  In essence we have the power to control our own unique frequencies via choosing our thoughts wisely and directing appropriate feelings.

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Moreover, if thoughts and emotions are negative or are vibrating at a low frequency, we will attract negative or low vibrational people places or things.  Similarly, if thoughts and feelings are vibrating at a positive or high frequency, we will consistently attract high vibrational people, places and/or things, etc.

“Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something.  You are telling the Universe, more of this, please.  More of this, please.” – Abraham Hicks

The Real Source of Power Behind the Universal Law of Attraction

Intentional or unintentional, everything has or creates a vibration and as neutral Laws, it is key to note that the Universe is not able to distinguish between “positive” or “negative” vibrations.  This is why we must accept sole responsibility for our actions and choices made in life, before positive change can occur.  Unfortunate, a great number of individuals don’t know how to manifest because they don’t understand how the Law of Vibration works.  Often finding themselves in a contradicting position where they SAY one thing, but thinking or feeling otherwise.

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As an Example:  Repeating the affirmation, “I am abundant in all things” yet feeling stressed and constantly thinking about how you will pay upcoming bills.

In all, your daily grind should be about deliberately prioritizing and raising your vibrations.  By finding and doing what feels good (i.e. crystals, eating healthy, meditation, music plus yoga).

#2 – Get REAL CLEAR with The Law of Correspondence:

Law of Correspondence

The basis behind the Law of Correspondence is that life is created by repeated patterns, or belief systems, in the subconscious mind.  Often passed down by cultural, societal and/or inherited conditions, these patterns/beliefs can either serve our purpose or hold us back.

“As above, so below. As within, so without.”

With reality acting as a mirror of what is happening within, it is unfortunate that many of us are unaware/neglect the concept of a limiting belief system and how it can put a damper on our vibrations.  This is why it is super important to do inner work, like quieting the mind with meditation or healing the mind via shadow work or therapy; especially to find the root cause of a troublesome situation.

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For the purpose of having clear intentions (the WHAT and WHY).  We also need to be fully aware of what is going on within, by connecting repeating patterns in our life with how we think.  We can then, subsequently, shift our mindset and consider any changes to authentically show up for ourselves, in our feelings and actions.

“You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.” – Wayne Dyer

Once we start to recognize how we subconsciously affect our interactions with life.  We can start to break repeating patterns, as well as, limiting beliefs/conditions, to live in alignment with our highest good.  Moreover, as we initially balance the vibration of abundance from the inside, the external reality will respond accordingly.

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In addition, the Law of Correspondence can provide breadcrumbs or clues as to why a manifestation is or is not working.  An opportunity to bring the subconscious in alignment with day-to-day actions to build a desired future.  This Universal Law is able to provide clarity on any misdirected or unfocused attention.

As an Example:  Wanting to finally meet your soulmate, but based on cultural, societal and/or inherited conditions (you may be unaware of), you keep attracting the wrong individuals, until you recognize, break, and change the repeating pattern or cycle.

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Generally speaking, if the Universal Law of Attraction is the action (even words) and the Law of Vibrations, the momentum or energy behind the action (say feelings).  The Law of Correspondence is the intention (thoughts).  Basically, the seed of potential planted in the subconscious mind, waiting to be realized.

#3 – Acknowledge, The Law of Divine Oneness:

Universal Law of Divine Oneness

From a spiritual perspective, we are all part of a HIGHER POWER (collective consciousness).  A physical manifestation of the same source.  This is the concept behind the Law of Divine Oneness.  Ultimately connected via the realms of consciousness.  Our energy, expressed in terms of our feelings and thoughts, is what helps us to remain deeply connected or disconnected to this universal power.

“As I am One with GOD, I am NOW One with my Heart’s Desire.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

This is why acknowledging the Universal Law of Vibration and Correspondence is super important for the Law of Attraction to actually work.   Yet, it is not enough for goals, dreams, aspiration, etc. to be motivated just by the Ego (i.e. money or status).  A soul connection needs to be present as well, where your words become the Divine in action. 

5 Law of Divine Oneness Exercises (To Spark a Conversation with the Universe):
  1. Visualizations
  2. Dream Interpretations
  3. Ask for Signs & Synchronicity
  4. Meditations or Scripting (journal writing)

Beyond understanding Karma on different level, or showing compassion to others and remembering we are all in the same boat.  When we become awake to the oneness of just being, working on the behalf of cosmic forces.  With infinite intelligence and possibilities, we suddenly become open to the endless opportunities available to us.  Furthermore, there is this sense of letting go (surrender), trusting the Universe (everything happens in divine timing).  A shift in perspective. there is nothing that can separate or disconnect us from this source, not even the self-identified ego (fear).

“When we serve a Higher Universal purpose, we serve the Collective Greater Good.”

When we seek the Universe in all circumstances, situations and things.  We start to live a life of miracles.  Similarly, our thoughts, feelings and vibrations are committed to Universal love.  Pure manifestation at its finest, our link to the Divine is an essential part of obtaining our desires with the Universal Law of Attraction

So, with gratitude and respect, acknowledge the Universal Law of Oneness.  For the POWER of the Universe is in all things and if we correctly focus our mind’s.  We can heal and attract success. 

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To conclude, this post was about 3 Foundational “Secrets” to the Universal Law of Attraction.  While it may ALL sound way too good to be true, at the core, these “secrets” are essentially about becoming a conscious creator by harmonizing the body, mind and soul (conscious, subconscious and super-conscious realms).  Once aligned, we can live a life of COSMIC ABUNDANCE!

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