Tarot Card Energy in 2024 – What YOU Need to Know!

To guide you through a transformative year of SOUL, or Self-discovery, and empowerment.  In this post, we uncover any blocks on your journey with insightful revelations about the tarot card energy in 2024.

Tarot Card Energy

As we approach the dawn of another year, with promises of new opportunities and fresh beginnings.  Gaining a fresh perspective becomes paramount in shaping the narrative of the next 365 days.  And, a profound way to achieve this, is by seeking guidance from the Universe.

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One insightful method is to explore the energy of the yearly Tarot Card.  Where, each year aligns magically with a specific tarot card that unveils collective energies.   Reflecting archetypal themes, karmic lessons, opportunities, and potential challenges. This invaluable information serves as a compass, enriching our plans and allowing us to navigate the unfolding journey more harmoniously.

Which we will explore in this blog, starting with how to calculate both the Tarot card energy of 2024 and your personal Tarot card energy.  So, buckle up as we slide into the fascinating world of Tarot symbolism.

Calculating the Tarot Card Energy of the Year:

To determine the overarching energy of any year, we look to numerology and the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Below are simple steps in making the calculation:

1. Reduce the Year to A Single Digit: Since the upcoming year is 2024, add the individual digits together …

(2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8)

2. Associate the Number to A Major Arcana Card: In traditional decks, like Rider-Waite, this corresponds to – Strength.  However, keep in mind that some decks may associate the number 8 with Justice instead.

The Rider-Waite Tarot deck, one of the most widely used decks, traditionally places Strength at number 8 and Justice at number 11. However, some decks, particularly those influenced by the Tarot de Marseille tradition, follow a different order, placing Justice at number 8 and Strength at number 11.

3. NOW, Consider the Energy of the Card: What are the primary themes associated when interpreted by Tarot?  Moreover, reflect on the meaning of the Strength card, as this represents the overall subject matter for the year.

Key Energy for Strength in 2024:

  • Courage + Patience: Encouraging you to approach situations with courage and patience. Instead of relying on brute force, strength advocates for what is found in patience, gentleness, and understanding.
  • Inner Strength: The card often represents the fortitude, and resilience, that comes from within. Suggesting that you have the power to face challenges that life throws at you, with grace and determination.
  • Taming the Beast: A prominent symbol in many Strength cards is a figure (often a woman) gently closing the mouth of a lion. Thus, this represents the ability to harness and control your primal or instinctual urges through gentle and compassionate means.
  • Spiritual Power: The card can also signify divine strength and a connection to higher wisdom. Conveying that your essential strength will always guide you through challenges, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.
  • Self-Discovery: Strength is also linked to SOUL, or self-discovery, and the journey within. Encouraging  us to explore your inner depths, confront our fears, and discover the source of our personal power.

When reversed or appearing in a challenging position, the Strength card might suggest issues with self-discipline, impatience, or struggles to control one’s impulses. It could also indicate a need to tap into your inner strength or a warning against using force or aggression.

Key Energy for Justice in 2024:

  • Fairness + Equity: Symbolizing fairness and equity in all matters. The energy of the Justice card suggests that decisions should be made impartially.  And, everyone should be treated justly, regardless of their status or background.
  • Legal Matters: The Justice card is often associated with legal issues and the legal system. It may indicate legal proceedings, contracts, or matters that require a fair and just resolution, in 2024.
  • Balancing Scales: The imagery of the Justice card often includes a set of scales, symbolizing the need for balance and equilibrium. Therefore, any decisions and actions in 2024, should be weighed carefully.  Make sure the consequences are considered before taking any steps.
  • Objectivity + Impartiality: Justice calls for objectivity and impartiality. Suggesting the need to detach oneself emotionally and make decisions based on reason.  As well as facts, and a clear understanding of the situation.
  • Consequences of Your Actions: The tarot card energy of Justice, reminds us that every action has consequences. Which encourages accountability and suggests that individuals will reap what they sow.

The Scales Also Indicate A Balance Between Cause & effect.

  • Integrity + Morality: Justice is associated with integrity and moral principles. Motivating individuals to uphold ethical standards and make decisions that align with a sense of right and wrong.
  • Legal Victory or Resolution: In a positive context, the energy of the Justice card can indicate a legal victory or a favorable resolution to a legal matter. Proposing that the outcome will be fair and just.
  • Inner Justice: On a personal level, the Justice tarot card energy reassures individuals to assess their own actions and decisions. Prompting self-reflection and the pursuit of inner justice, to ensure that one’s choices align with personal values
  • Decision-Making: The Justice card is often associated with decisions that need to be made. But, these decisions should be approached with a clear mind, considering all aspects of the situation.
  • Karma + Cosmic Balance: Justice is sometimes seen as a representation of cosmic balance or karmic justice. Advising that the Universe strives for equilibrium, and individuals should be mindful of their actions within this larger framework (karma is a b*tch).

In a challenging context, the energy of the Justice card in 2024 might indicate legal obstacles or difficulties within the legal system. Hence, be attentive and cautious when it comes to any legal matters.

Although there is a specific card associated with each number from 1 to 9 (ex. 7 is associated with The Chariot tarot card).  It’s important to note that different Tarot practitioners may use slightly different associations or methods for calculating the Tarot card energy of the year. Additionally, some might use the number 10 as The Wheel of Fortune and 11 as Justice in their calculations.

Here’s A Quick Reference for the Association Between Numbers & Tarot Cards:

1. The Magician

4. The Emperor

7. The Chariot

2. The High Priestess

5. The Hierophant

8. Strength (or Justice)

3. The Empress

6. The Lovers

9. The Hermit

Feel free to adapt this method to your preferences or explore variations that resonate with you. Tarot is a flexible and intuitive practice, so you might find your own unique way of calculating and interpreting the Tarot card of the year.

Calculating Your Personal Tarot Card Energy:

This step is Optional.  But, if you are interested in a more personalized approach, you can consider the yearly card (Strength or Justice in 2024), in relation to your personal tarot card, using your birthdate.

Just add the month, day, and the current year together.  And, depending on your preferences, reduce to a single digit number.  This number represents your personal Tarot card energy for the year, offering insights into your individual journey.

To demonstrate, say your birthday is – April 6, 1985 …

  • Add the month, day and current year: 4 (April) + 6 + 2024 = 2034
  • Next, reduce to a single digit: 2 + 0 + 3 + 4 = 9

This makes The Hermit your personal Tarot card energy for 2024.  Symbolizing a year of introspection and spiritual growth.  As well as, embracing moments of solitude, seeking inner wisdom, and trusting your inner light to guide you on a transformative path.

Yet, keep in mind that some Tarot practitioners view the theme of a personal Tarot card as energy that starts on your birthday of that year and ends the next year (ex. the energy of the Hermit wouldn’t start until 4/6/2024 and ends in 2025 on April, 5th).

 Tarot Reading for 2024:

Here’s a comprehensive interpretation one can make when combining the energy of the yearly tarot card (Strength and/or Justice) and the personal tarot card for 2024.

Introspection & Wisdom: With The Hermit emphasizing a period of introspection and seeking inner wisdom. The energy of Justice suggests that your self-reflection will lead to a deeper understanding of moral principles and a sense of integrity will be brought into your life.

Inner Strength & Courage: Strength assures you that you possess the inner strength and courage needed to confront challenges. Moreover, the energy of the strength tarot card is not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. So, trust in your resilience and ability to navigate obstacles with grace.

Balanced Decision-Making: Justice brings a sense of balance and fairness. Therefore, in any decision-making in 2024, strive for objectivity and impartiality. Generally speaking, your choices and actions should align with your inner sense of truth.  Promoting fairness and equity in your personal, even external interactions.

Spiritual Growth & Transformation: In 2024, The Hermit and Justice together suggest a transformative spiritual pathway. As you delve into introspection and seek inner wisdom, the year holds opportunities for profound spiritual growth. Furthermore, this growth is supported by the balance and fairness advocated by Justice.

Leadership & Mentorship: Strength’s leadership qualities, combined with Justice’s sense of fairness.  Suggest that you may find yourself in a position of guiding and mentoring others. Additionally, your inner strength becomes a source of inspiration for those around you.  Possibly playing a role in promoting honesty in your environments.

In a nutshell, approach the year with a commitment to fairness, inner balance, and ethical decision-making.

Legal Matters & Resolution: Justice’s association with legal matters suggests that the year may involve resolutions or decisions related to legal issues. So, approach these matters with a focus on humanity, and trust that the outcomes will align with due process.

Inner Healing & Self-Care: The Tarot card energy of both Strength and Justice emphasize the importance of inner healing. Therefore, use the eternal strength within to address emotional wounds, and seek a sense of impartiality in your own well-being. Prioritize self-care, and ensure that your actions promote a balanced and healthy life.

Personal Accountability: Justice reminds you of the importance of personal accountability. So, in 2024, definitely consider the consequences of your actions.  As well as, strive to align your choices with your sense of morality. This year is basically encouraging responsible and ethical behavior.

Harmony Between Mind, Body, & Soul: The combination of The Hermit, Strength, and Justice suggests a holistic approach to well-being. Hence, strive for harmony between your mind, body, and soul. Your introspective journey, inner strength, and commitment to justice contribute to a comprehensive and balanced sense of Self, or SOUL.

May your year be filled with balance, resilience, and the transformative power of inner strength.

In summary, the year 2024 holds the promise of a transformative and spiritually enriching journey. Your inner strength, guided by introspection and a sense of justice, becomes a beacon for personal growth, leadership, and positive influence in your life.  And, the lives of others.

Conclusively, as you step into the Tarot energies of 2024, try to connect with the cards by integrating regular meditation sessions.  Moreover, remember that each card carries a unique message and opportunity for growth. Whether it’s the strength to face challenges, the wisdom gained through introspection of The Hermit, or the pursuit of justice.  Let the Tarot be your guide on this exciting journey, called life.

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