For Complete Beginners: 10 Stages of the Spiritual Journey!

While the stages or steps within a spiritual journey can vary widely based on individual beliefs, experiences, and cultural backgrounds.  There are some common themes and patterns that many tend to encounter along their way.  

spiritual journey stages

Awakening + Initiation: Feeling a calling to explore the mysteries of existence.  This stage often involves a significant event or realization that sparks/triggers your interest in spirituality. It could be a personal crisis, a moment of insight, exposure to new ideas, questioning the status quo.  Or a deep sense of longing for something more meaningful. 

The Spiritual Journey often begins with an Awakening.”


Seeking + Exploration: In this stage, you actively seek out spiritual knowledge, various practices, and experiences that resonate with your newfound curiosity. You may also explore different religious traditions, philosophies, meditations, yoga styles.  Or other practices to find what aligns with your current beliefs and values.

Questioning + Doubt: As the journey progresses and your understanding deepens.  You may encounter doubts, skepticism, or periods of questioning. This is a natural part of growth, as you grapple with conflicting beliefs and attempt to reconcile them with an existing mindset.  Embrace this state as an opportunity for critical thinking and expansion. 

Commitment + Practice: With a clearer sense of your path, you commit to regular spiritual practices or a new belief system. Whether through meditation, prayer, study, yoga, or other mindfulness rituals, these practices ground you (align well with your evolving understanding of spirituality).  And, provide a deep foundation for your journey.  

Inner Transformation: As consistent practice and exploration continue, you may undergo profound inner changes. You might experience shifts in values, priorities, and perspectives.  Old patterns begin to dissolve, leading to personal growth and a greater sense of inner peace plus purpose.

Dark Night of the Soul: A crucible for profound healing, this stage is often seen as challenging and involves periods of intense struggle, doubt, or emotional turmoil. It can be a time of shedding old beliefs, facing inner demons or fears (shadow self), and confronting unresolved issues. 

The wound is the place where the light enters.”


Integration and Synthesis: Fostering harmony between your inner and outer world.  After navigating the challenges of the dark night, you begin to integrate the experiences and insights into your daily life. Finding ways to live in alignment with your spiritual understanding of principles and beliefs. 

Service and Connection: Many spiritual journeys lead to a stage of wanting to give back or make a positive impact on the world. Feeling a sense of unity with all of existence, you are drawn to serve, share wisdom, or contribute to the well-being of others.  Involved acts of compassion, kindness and love become an intrinsic part of your journey,  

Transcendence and Union: In this stage, the boundaries between self and others begin to blur. Revealing a heightened sense of oneness with the universe, a higher power, or a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.   

Continual Growth and Evolution: The cycle of life, your spiritual journey is ongoing and dynamic.  Even after reaching certain milestones, you continue to learn, grow, and evolve as you delve into the depths of spirituality.

It’s important to recognize that not everyone will experience all of these stages, and the journey can be highly individualized. A personal and evolving process that unfolds uniquely for each individual.  Some might move through these stages quickly, while others may spend a long time in one particular phase. 

As you navigate the stages of your spiritual journey, remember that each step is a vital part of your growth. Embrace the challenges and celebrate the breakthroughs, for they are all part of the tapestry of your unique path. Moreover, by understanding these stages and approaching them with openness and intention.  You can enrich your spiritual journey and experience great transformation that extends to every facet of your life. 

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