10 Important Signs it’s time to Start A Spiritual Journey!

A personal and transformative experience, if you resonate with several of these signs, you might be ready to embark on a spiritual journey.

spiritual journey signs

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, many of us find ourselves yearning for something deeper and more meaningful. Often, this yearning, is a sign that leads us to consider embarking on a spiritual journey.  But,  how do you know if you’re truly ready to start this profound exploration of the SOUL and the Universe?

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A major catalyst for my spiritual journey was suffering from mental health issues, consisting of anxiety, severe depression, and PTSD.  Followed by a feeling of wanting to do more than just survive in life, but thrive.  Under the circumstances, I didn’t initially consider or understand these things to be a sign, until I was well into my journey.

In this post, we’ll touch on 10 important signs and symptoms that indicate you might be ready to take the first steps on a spiritual path.

Are You Ready to Embark on the Spiritual Journey?


1.  A Deep Sense of Seeking:  One of the most unmistakable signs that you’re ready for a spiritual journey is a persistent sense of seeking something more. Also described as existential angst or despair, you find yourself asking profound questions about the purpose of life, the nature of reality, and your place in the grand scheme of things.

Simply put – Who am I and why am I here?  This inner quest for meaning is often the catalyst for a spiritual awakening.

2.  Feeling Disconnected:  You might notice a growing feeling of disconnection, not just from others but also from yourself. It’s as if something is missing, and you’re yearning to bridge that gap.  As well as, restore a sense of unity and wholeness.

3.  Desire for Inner Growth:  A strong aspiration for personal growth and self-improvement can be a clear sign of readiness for a spiritual journey.  No longer content with the status quo, you become eager to evolve, learn, and be a better version of yourself.

4.  Major Life Changes:  Significant life events like a major loss (i.e. death of a loved one), life transition (i.e. a baby, career shift, etc.), or a big achievement can trigger a spiritual awakening.  Moreover, these events often prompt us to reevaluate our priorities and seek guidance and a deeper understanding of things.

5.  Sensitivity to Nature:  An increased sensitivity to the beauty and wonder of nature, including animals, can be a sign that you’re ready to connect with something larger than yourself.  Likewise, you may feel a deeper connection to the natural world and are eager to explore this connection further.

What is Forest Bathing?

“Forest bathing and forest therapy (or shinrin-yoku) broadly means taking in, in all of one’s senses, the forest atmosphere. Not simply a walk in the woods, it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest.”

6.  Mindfulness and Presence:  Are you drawn to practices like meditation, mindfulness, even yoga?  These practices are spiritual tools to encourage being fully present in the moment.  Which is often a precursor to a spiritual journey.

7.  Questioning Beliefs:  If you’re starting to question the beliefs and conditions you were raised with or exploring alternative perspectives, it indicates a level of openness and curiosity that’s conducive to a spiritual journey.

8.  Longing for Peace:  A pervasive longing for inner peace, tranquility, and balance in your life can indicate readiness for a spiritual journey. Essentially, you’re seeking a state of equilibrium that transcends the external chaos.

9.  Curiosity about Mystical Experiences:  You may become more interested in mystical experiences, altered states of consciousness, and expanded awareness. This curiosity is a sign you’re ready for a spiritual journey, because it suggests that you’re open to exploring the boundaries of human consciousness.

10.  Openness to Different Belief Systems:  Finally, if you’re open to learning about and understanding different spiritual and religious beliefs, you’re in a good position to start your spiritual journey. This sign of openness allows you to draw wisdom from a variety of sources.

Although I grew up in a Christian Apostolic household, I considered myself to be more of a spiritual free agent.  Meaning, non-denominational, in terms of religion.  However, I was open, accepting and respectful of other belief systems.

In conclusion, a spiritual journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience. If you resonate with several of these signs and symptoms, it might be time to take that first step. Furthermore, the journey unfolds at its own pace. So remember, there’s no rush.  Instead, trust your intuition, seek guidance when needed.  And, embrace the adventure of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Your path awaits, and it’s uniquely yours to explore.

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