What YOU Need to Know – 7 Different Meanings behind Spiritual Dreams!

Seeking to interpret the many underlying messages of your nightly visions? Well, here are 7 different meanings behind Spiritual Dreams, to not only know, but deeply consider.

Spiritual Dreams

A remarkable, yet under-utilized resource is understanding the power of our dreams.  Not only are we able to develop on a conscious level.  But on a subconscious level, we are also given the opportunity to learn a lot about ourselves.

More specifically, while on my spiritual journey for self-discovery, dreams are not only essential to cultivate intuitively and psychically.  But also, for the purpose of connecting to a higher power and receiving valuable insight, plus guidance. 

Yet, before tucking myself into bed at night – placing on that silk mask, switching my phone to “do not disturb,” and allowing my head to hit that soft pillow.  There are two things (along with starting a dream journal), that we all need to consider, to truly reap the benefits of these Spiritual Dreams.

NOTE:  By starting a dream journal and consistently recording interpretations, you are more likely to discover significant connections, themes, patterns or messages.  If you find yourself forgetting your dreams, keep a piece of paper and pencil/pen close by and as soon as you wake up, practice writing whatever you remember.

Establish A Night Time Routine for Better Sleep:

Spiritual or not, if you really want to comprehend the meaning of your dreams, a foundational step is establishing a night time routine for better (or deeper) sleep.  A common suggestion, at least 1 hour before bed, clear your mind.

For me, the less mental rubbish, the more open I am to receiving valuable information. Furthermore, I try to decompress, by avoiding social media, the news, horror movies, even caffeine.  Basically, the goal is to release any and all stress, especially if I’ve had a busy, 8-hour plus day. 

Additional rituals I practice include:

  • Meditating
  • Mental barfing in a journal
  • Reading an interesting book 
  • Using visualization or relaxation techniques
  • Setting the mood with a candle (or dim the lights)
  • Tuning into nature sounds (check out the Calm App)
  • Indulging my senses with essential oils (i.e. Eucalyptus or lavender)
  • Placing crystals nearby (i.e. amethyst or Himalayan salt rock for grounding/protecting energy)

Lastly, I like to limit liquids, about 1-2 hours before bed (or actually go to the bathroom), to avoid the interruption of sleep cycles.  Which brings me to the next thing to consider.

Acknowledge the Different Sleep Cycles:

Although a dream journal and dictionary are helpful, dreams are often fragmented, making it sometimes difficult to determine what’s important.  A solution, acknowledging the different sleep cycles of Rapid Eye Movement or REM, which can be segmented into 3 dream phases.

The first dream phase occurs before REM.  In this particular phase, we process recent material that is at the forefront of our minds.  A common example of this, is watching a scary movie right before shut eye, and then dreaming of the man with the axe.  Hence, the reason for clearing the mind before bed.

“Sleep is a spiritual practice.”

Additionally, if we are not disturbed and able to obtain deep sleep or REM.  Our dreams start to process material from the past (i.e. trauma).  Unfortunately, during this deep state, you may not recall dreaming.  Nonetheless, many say the subconscious mind is working on your behalf (i.e. handling trauma) and protecting the conscious mind from unnecessary material.  This is a reason why sleep, in general, is crucial for healing. 

The last phase coincides well with Spiritual Dreams.  Occurring right before we wake-up (past REM), in this phase we encounter the most intuitive dreams, with symbols, metaphors, and messages that actually have meaning.  This is the phase where you want to pay attention.


1. Clairvoyant Dreams:

Clairvoyant dreams can be described as seeing things (images) that are currently happening, has happened (past) or will happen (future).  Moreover, seen via the visual aspects of the brain, the sense of Clairvoyance is similar to the concepts of constructive perception, daydreaming and/or déjà vu (already seen).

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams

Occurring with eyes closed or opened, many believe that the best way to practice “clear seeing” is by actually dreaming and then, analyzing/interpreting the dream by documenting (i.e. dream journal), metaphors, symbols, etc.

Clairvoyant (adj.) – having or exhibiting an ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

The first time I actually considered a dream to be spiritual, was when I was a teen.  Right before she passed away, my grandmother (Ollie Mae), appeared to me with a sentimental message.  Some days later, with me at her hospital bedside, she took her last breath.

Understanding this experience as a Clairvoyant dream, I realized the universe was preparing me emotionally for what was about to happen. Similarly, with her sentimental message in mind, I was able to heal with clarity. 

In general, I knew a higher power was directing me towards interpreting my dreams as a tool for spiritual growth, and so much more.

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2. Divine Guidance:

Unbeknownst to many, analogies, images, symbols, metaphors, etc. are the Ancient languages of the unconscious world.  So, whether you need advice on a particular person, job, upcoming event, etc.  The key to being divinely guided by your dreams, is by appreciating these different forms of dialect.

Dreams and Spirituality

As previously mentioned, dreams are essential for communicating with and/or gaining valuable guidance from a higher source (i.e. Spirit Guides).  But often, we miss this opportunity by not acknowledging the people, places, and/or things in our dreams, that are actually carrying the messages.

“Everything is intentional when it comes to Spiritual Dreams.”

When it comes to the spirits within our dreams, who typically appear as a close friend, stranger, a familiar face, dead or alive, (etc.).  We have to get in the habit of taking note of the interaction (i.e. words spoken or written, actions, behaviors, etc.).  And if possible, question how we perceive this individual in reality and what this individual may represent to us.  The same goes for places and/or things, like animals. 

Personally speaking, I like to indulge all my senses when I am dreaming:  how do I feel?  Do I smell anything?  What do I see regarding my surroundings? etc. Furthermore, if you are like me, recurring dreams do happen and when I experience repeating themes, I know the universe is trying to get my attention to something I am consciously unaware of.  

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3. For Closure & Healing:

Not only are spiritual dreams able to connect us with a higher power for divine guidance.  But, for the purpose of closure and healing, dreams are also great for reconnecting us with the energy of souls that aren’t physically present.  

What your spiritual dreams are telling you

To throw in a personal example that you may relate to.  I’ve experienced closure with an ex, who I must admit, I was obsessed with (thought he was a soulmate).  The breakup wasn’t bad or good, but that’s because we really didn’t have one. 

After moving flight miles away from the original city, we met in, it became hard to establish a relationship with a traveling musician.  For a while, we tried, but then the calls just sort of stopped.  Although I stalked his Instagram page for some time, wondering many WHAT IFS – we both just eventually moved on with our lives. 

Fast forward some years later, I know he is in a relationship with someone and has a daughter. Nonetheless, I had a random dream about him one night, meeting me in a crystal shop where we legit talked about a rose quartz crystal. 

Metaphorically speaking, we finally had the discussion we should have, before we went our separate ways.  Moreover, I woke up from that dream with a loving and respectful understanding as to why things happened the way they did; this dream was closure.

Crying in Spiritual Dreams:

Shedding tears in our dreams can indicate a variety of things.  Still, I definitely agree with most people, when they say that crying is symbolic of a spiritual bond.  Or like praying, is an expressive medium for a higher power and miracles.  I also believe that crying while we dream, is a positive way to release a build-up of repressed emotions and feelings, such as – anxiety, pain, sorrow, stress, unhappiness, etc.  Additionally, if we awaken from a dream, only to find ourselves crying in reality, we are healing, by ultimately lessening whatever suffering we are experiencing.

4. Gain Clarity on Karmic Debt:

In reality, it is common for karmic debt and lessons to appear in our relationships.  However, gaining clarity about karma while we dream is tough, but not impossible.  Alternatively, there are a few aspects of spiritual dreams that can signify a debt is being repaid. 

types of spiritual dreams and what they mean

Said to transcend lifetimes, karmic debt can be described as opportunities to amend, learn and right avoided issues plus wrong-doings.  The spiritual principle of cause and effect, if these dues aren’t properly addressed and balanced, it’s bound to pop-up again (and again), until it’s paid in full.

Below, are a few aspects of spiritual dreams that scream Karmic Debt:

  • Recurring Dreams or Nightmares – Like Karma, these dreams will repeat until repaid or resolved.
  • Experiencing inexplicable behaviors, patterns, etc. – If there’s nothing from waking life that can explain a certain fear, feeling, (etc.), it’s possibly karmic debt from a previous life.
  • Astral Projection to a parallel realm or Universe – We are not confined to our physical bodies, even though our minds sleep, our souls are always working.
  • A past life (i.e. dreaming in a different time period) – I frequently dream of being a singer on stage like Billie Holiday, in a time period before I was born.
  • Dreams themes include: embarking on a journey, needing to make an important choice or decision, acts of service, and random relationships with someone you’ve never met.

For more information on whether or not you are experiencing Karmic Debt, a fundamental approach is looking into a numerologist – Joy Woodward (her website is a great resource).  If you prefer to calculate your own numbers, then check-out her book: A Beginner’s Guide to Numerology.

5. Manifestation:

Partly defined as making clear or evident to the eye or understanding, the term manifest is an interesting concept and one that can be linked to lucid dreaming. 

spiritual dreams meaning

What is more, despite no clear evidence that lucid dreaming can actually manifest physical objects in reality.  Lucid dreams do offer a direct line of communication with the higher powers at work (or subconscious state), and are known to be an effective catalyst for spiritual change, growth and healing. 

Typically occurring during the dream state of sleep, lucid dreams are explained as being conscious during dreams, or in other words, being entirely aware that you are dreaming.  Additionally, while many rush-in to focus on experiencing a lucid dream, they miss the key component – intention.  Or, in other words, getting clear on what you want to communicate. 

Utilizing tools like, images, affirmations, even scripting.  On a scientific level, manifestation via lucid dreams can be simply understood as reprogramming your mind.  While on a spiritual level, it can be viewed as interacting with a higher universal power, to manifest a life with true purpose. 

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6. Past Life Regression:

Characterized as a form of hypnotherapy, past life regression is known to take an individual on a “wild goose chase,” back in time to a previous life or lives.  Moreover, a gentle process of gaining access to experiences and memories, that are normally hidden in the subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy isn’t the only narrow passage, to tap into the past.

spiritual dream

Known as the gateway to the subconscious world.  There are a few things to look for, in a spiritual dream, when considering past life regression.  Similar to dreams regarding karmic debt, you may come upon a nightly vision where you’re in a different time period or even a different realm.  But unlike karma, these dreams make sense or the behaviors and patterns just seem to fit. 

Furthermore, the dreams are eerily vivid and noteworthy (i.e. it’s been days, weeks, months, even years and you still remember this damn dream).  Engraved in your mind, you occasionally experience the phenomenon called déjà vu and question if it really happened – in reality. 

Lastly, these dreams help you to connect the dots and become aware of certain things that need attention, healing and understanding.  As previously mentioned, I often dream of being a singer on stage (i.e. Billie Holiday).  Although I love music, I am far from being a musician.  Yet, I would wake-up with vivid music sounds and lyrics in my head, that if I’ve never heard before. 

After some introspection, I think these dreams are telling me to find a way to open up my throat chakra.  And, creatively use my voice.  Which is interesting, because I always considered myself a visual artist but writing has always been in the background.

7. Recurring Dreams & Subconscious Fears:

Thought to be uncommon, research suggests that nearly 60-75% of adults (in America), experience recurring dreams.  Although personal, common themes can include – car crashes, falling, flying, not being able to speak, being attacked, losing teeth, etc.

recurring dreams spiritual meaning

While some of these themes are unexplained, exhibiting behaviors and patterns, that we normally don’t recognize in waking life.  In general, they represent the fears that dwell in our subconscious minds until they are dealt with. 

According to the great Sigmund Freud, by examining the obvious content within our dreams.  We are able to reveal hidden urges, that are culprits to mental health issues.

Case in point, I use to always have recurring dreams of driving an uncontrollable car.  Freaking out, I would try my hardest to slam on the breaks, only to find they didn’t work.  Fearful, I would will myself to wake-up.  It wasn’t until I began my spiritual journey, that I mustered up the courage, to let go of the wheel. 

Guess what happened?  Nothing.  Oddly enough, the car miraculously steered the way.  Slowly coming to a halt in an open field of green grass.  What I discovered?  These dreams were about me making the choice to no longer allow external circumstances to disturb my inner peace.  And also, to learn how to release control (surrender).

Whether we know it or not, the universe has a plan for each and every one of us.  We just have to patiently sit back and allow ourselves to be divinely guided. 

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In conclusion, I once heard that as a collective, we essentially create this world through our dreams.  Moreover, the closer we are to our true nature, the easier it is for the Universe to flow.  On the contrary, when we find ourselves not dreaming.  The reason could be due to a block or being stuck in a situation, that isn’t authentic.  Preventing the soul from shining, this can be a huge sign to pursue a path for self-discovery. In all, Spiritual dreams reflect who we are and reveal truth.  While also providing you with a chance to explore ideas, attitudes and new personas.








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