Emotional & Spiritual Healing | How to Practice the 7 Intricate Stages of Alchemy

What is Spiritual Alchemy?  An ancient philosophy of metaphorically transforming base metals into superior GOLD.  The practice of Spiritual Alchemy is ESSENTIAL for ENLIGHTENMENT.

Spiritual Alchemy

Contrary to the popular belief of transmuting base metals.  The Spiritual meaning of Alchemy is considered a mysterious craft.  That illuminates and liberates a soul captured within. 

To clarify, the term “base metal” refers to the many aspects of the Ego (i.e. past wounds, limiting beliefs, trauma and fear).  On the other hand, “GOLD” is considered the ultimate objective of ENLIGHTENMENT. 


Additionally, as with any process concerned with the quality of the soul.  Spiritual Alchemy is an intricate SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  Practiced in 7 stages to completely reconstruct the Ego and purge the mind of external material. 

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As many set out on this transformational path. Key practices comprise of INTUITIVELY connecting to the soft cries of your delicate soul and intentionally seeking a genuine source of CREATIVITY, INSPIRATION and WISDOM.   

Furthermore, when you overcome obstacles of EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  Know that this PURE BEING is navigating you towards a HIGHER POTENTIAL and PURPOSE. 

Although You May Have Already Read This Book,
I Highly Suggest You Read It AGAIN!

If you are a looking for books on Spiritual Alchemy to jumpstart your transformation.  I highly recommend a classic – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. 

Even though it is only considered a fable about following your dreams, once you truly grasp the concepts of a Spiritual Alchemist (by reading this post).  The story becomes powerful in conveying soul-stirring wisdom, in simple but relatable terms. 

Undoubtedly characterizing the 7 intricate stages of Spiritual Alchemy.  This magical story is also about discovering the hidden treasures within us all.  As well as, following our desires and listening intently to our hearts. 


Calcination Alchemy

1. The Calcination Stage:

Symbolized by the ELEMENT of FIRE.  In chemical terms, the process of CALCINATION is described as heating a solid substance (base metal) over a high temperature.  Consequently, turning the substance to ash. 

The SPARK to Spiritual Alchemy, in the CALCINATION stage, we become cognizant of our ACTIONS and begin to deconstruct the many aspects of the self-identified Ego.  We also release attachments to the material world, such as, wealth, status, and prestige. 

Like an AWAKENING of the KUNDALINI SPIRIT.  The Calcination Process can be triggered by a sudden uncontrollable event or the process can be gradually realized over time.  From common feelings of internal emptiness to having no real sense of self-fulfillment or purpose. 

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Furthermore, when our preconceived notions are dismantled.  We provide the soul an opportunity to speak.  Likewise, without the initial phase of purging the self-identified Ego.  The revolution of consciousness and expression of the soul is hindered. 

Lastly, many may equate the CALCINATION stage with a Dark Night of the Soul experience.  Yet, after the suffering, identification with the Ego is no longer valid and SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION begins.

2. The Dissolution Stage:Dissolution Alchemy

Symbolized by the ELEMENT of WATER.  The process of DISSOLUTION, in chemical terms, involves dissolving the ash (from CALCINATION), in water. 

Often recognized as the UNCONSCIOUS realm and psychologically connected to the accumulation of intense human emotions.  This particular stage of Spiritual Alchemy, can be classified as a deep PURIFICATION process. 

Moreover, as we question CONDITIONS and disassemble our BELIEF SYSTEMS (i.e. cultural, societal, etc.).  That were possibly built on lies and delusions.  We willfully work to free ourselves from painful past experiences. 

1 Out of Many Spiritual Alchemy Quotes!

“Become an Alchemist.  Transmute Base Metal into Gold, Suffering into Consciousness, Disaster into Enlightenment.

In sum, the DISSOLUTION stage is beneficial for LIBERATING ourselves from a false sense of identity, controlled by the Egotistic mind.  As a result, this stage is an outlet for repressed, hidden emotions that emerge from traumatic events.

3. The Separation Stage:

Separation Alchemy

Symbolized by the ELEMENT of AIR.  The process of SEPARATION (in chemical terms), is about isolating and filtering the material from DISSOLUTION.  Or, in other words, finding and extracting PURE ESSENCE. 

Contrast to dissolving and disassembling, in SEPARATION, we are recovering and rebuilding, to rediscover our true being. 

Additionally, as we distinguish between the habitual thought patterns of the Ego and the AUTHENTIC SELF. We intentionally work with our triggers to reclaim our power.  By deciding what to discard and what to integrate for SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION.

A very liberating experience of Spiritual Alchemy.  SEPARATION gives us an OPPORTUNITY to disconnect from negative emotions, like resentment towards ourselves and others, and become truly aware of DEEP-ROOTED feelings that need HEALING.

No longer wanting to identify with negative emotions or become attached to external thoughts and desires.  With RELIEF, we begin to detach from old limiting qualities or personalities.

ESSENTIALLY transforming negative, SUBCONSCIOUS belief patterns.  Shadow or inner child work is welcomed during the SEPARATION stage.  Possibly seek SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE or CONNECT with a Therapist who is willing and able to hold space for you. 

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4. The Conjunction Stage:

Conjunction Alchemy

Symbolized by the ELEMENT of EARTH.  The function of CONJUNCTION is to materialize something NEW, based on what we extracted in SEPARATION. 

SPIRITUALLY speaking, after combining the ELEMENTS from the previous stages (FIRE, WATER, AIR) and extracting the PURE ESSENCE.  We begin a process of embodiment or MANIFESTING our AUTHENTIC selves. 

As newly LIBERATED beings, the oppositions within also UNITE.  Meaning, the veil between the BODY (conscious) and SOUL (subconscious) is now transparent. 

Similarly, facets of the DIVINE FEMININE (intuition, emotions, Flow, etc.), now harmonize with the DIVINE MASCULINE (intellect, logic, Structure, etc.).

Although we are functioning at a HIGHER state and feeling more peaceful, plus centered.  The practice of INTUITIVE AWARENESS is crucial to not allow social structures to manipulate and feed the ego.  Reverting us back to being influenced. 

The best thing we can do for ourselves in this stage of Spiritual Alchemy is to find comfort in solitude and INTROSPECTION.  The practice of MINDFULNESS and Journaling may be helpful.  Certainly, paying attention to DREAMS for INTUITIVE GUIDANCE.

5. The Fermentation Stage (Putrefaction & Spiritualization):

Fermentation Alchemy

In chemical terms, FERMENTATION is a process of activating a chemical breakdown of material with bacteria or other alternative micro-organisms.

In Spiritual Alchemy.  FERMENTATION can be split into two scenarios.  Finding comfort in SOLITUDE and INTROSPECTION from the previous stage of CONJUNCTION, we can either reminisce on the past with PUTREFACTION.  Or embrace the PRESENT moment with SPIRITUALIZATION. 


Creatures of habit, PUTREFACTION can provoke heavy feelings of anxiety, depression and fear.  Especially since we are refining and stripping away any remaining aspects of ourselves that do not serve our HIGHEST GOOD (i.e. creating boundaries with family members, leaving a toxic environment, etc.).

Using the previous stages as GUIDANCE, we need to view the difficult experiences and problems as lessons to learn from.  Moreover, utilize any pain to build resilience and strength. 

Metaphorically, PUTREFACTION is the last push before we reach the luminous light at the end of a dark tunnel (saying GOODBYE).

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If PUTREFACTION is the last push, SPIRITUALIZATION is the explosive PHOENIX RISING from the ashes (reaching the light at the end of the tunnel).

Experiencing the world differently.  You are completely ATTUNED to your HIGHER self.  Feeling BLISSFUL, CONTENT, PEACEFUL and RELIEVED.  Likewise, you take INTUITIVE action while trusting in SYNCHRONOCITIES and having FAITH in DIVINE INSPIRATION. 

Most importantly, SURRENDER to something beyond the physical (i.e. the UNIVERSE).

Lastly, during this stage of Spiritual Alchemy, you may prefer to spend your time in intense PRAYER and/or Deep MEDITATION. Some even TRAVEL or RETREAT to an Ayahuasca (psychedelic plant) Journey. 

6. The Distillation Stage:

DISTILLATION is the chemical process of Boiling and thickening fermented material to intensify purity.  Simply put, this stage is all about DISCOVERING ways to live with a new level of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS and strengthening the PURE ESSENCE of the SOUL. 

In preparation for the final stage of Spiritual Alchemy, one should be free from ego-based distinctions of the collective and ready for the ACTUALIZATION of one’s soul. 

Likewise, in the DISTILLATION process, the CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS are unified.  No longer separated by a transparent veil (as in CONJUNCTION).  Of the 7 stages of ALCHEMY.  Jung considers this stage to be shadows absorbed into one with the AUTHENTIC self. 

Moreover, this stage represents another step-up in CONSCIOUSNESS as any leftover, subordinate material is freed.   Moreover, the Ego-based identity can no longer dominate our presence and we begin to openly interact with the cries of our soul. 


7. The Coagulation Stage: 

Spiritual Alchemist Definition

In the final stage of CHEMICAL ALCHEMY, Liquid subsequently Metamorphosis to a Solidified Material.  As Spiritual Alchemists, we have completed the intricate process of turning base metal into solid GOLD.  

Meanwhile, having dealt with the trials and tribulations of life and HEALED from fears, trauma and wounds.  We have gained valuable experience and INSIGHT and are now in a permanent state of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.  Therefore, reaching the ultimate representation of our Souls. 

“True ATONEMENT or AT-ONE-MENT with God”

Furthermore, during the final stage of Spiritual Alchemy, we are also being called to a HIGHER PURPOSE.  As a result, we are in agreement with the DIVINE WILL of our soul.  Acknowledged as, GOLDEN BODIES OF LIGHT, SPIRITUAL PIONEERS or LIGHT WORKERS (etc.).  In general, we are being summoned to confidently UPLIFT EARTH.  Above all, HUMANITY. 

Lastly, eloquently depicted by THE WORLD card in TAROT.  Solidification brings complete UNIFICATION, ABUNDANCE and JOY. 

To sum up.  This post was all about How to Understand and Practice Spiritual Alchemy in 7 Intricate Stages.   A craft simply defined by change, inner liberation and transformation.  The purpose of Spiritual Alchemy is to seek the light of higher consciousness.  Therefore, attaining a GOLDEN AURA of inner knowledge and wisdom.  As always, this Work is not easy.  But, it’s ESSENTIAL!




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