What You Need to Know When Reading Tarot Cards!

If you’ve ever been drawn to the world of reading tarot cards, then your SOUL is in for an insightful treat.

Reading Tarot cards

Why hello again, to my fellow seekers of wisdom and enlightenment! It is time for another book review, where we discuss the captivating pages of – 78 Degrees of Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness by Rachel Pollack.

Celebrated as a classic in the realm of literature, this two-volume masterpiece takes us on a profound journey into the world of Tarot.  Fundamentally pointing out important aspects of the deck that intimately resonate with the Tarot’s role as a tool for personal growth, Self or SOUL discovery, and divination.

Whether you’re a curious beginner, eager to unlock the mysteries of the Tarot.  Or an experienced reader looking to deepen your understanding.  78 Degrees of Wisdom is an indispensable resource for anyone passionate about the art of reading tarot cards.

With all that being said, if you’ve ever felt drawn to the mystical world of Tarot, then you are in for a delightful treat. In this post, we’ll unveil these essential aspects, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your tarot adventure.

10 Things YOU Need to Know About Reading Tarot Cards!


1. Archetypal Symbolism: Within the first volume, Pollack delves into the importance of archetypal symbolism of the Tarot cards.  Especially in the Major Arcana, which is a powerful tool for understanding the human psyche.  As well as, shedding light on universal truths in life themes, lessons, and experiences.

2. Psychological Insights: With a deep psychological lens, the book emphasizes how reading tarot cards can mirror the depths of your own psyche, revealing profound insights into your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.  Therefore, Pollack discusses how the tarot can be used for Self-exploration and understanding.

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3. Spiritual & Mystical Aspects: A conduit for guidance, individuals often turn to Tarot to explore life’s deeper questions.  Imbued with profound esoteric dimensions,  the cards can be a means of connecting with higher consciousness and offering insights into the unknown.  Through tarot, one can embark on a path of enlightenment, forging an authentic connection with the SOUL, the universe, and the mysteries, or spirits, that surround us.

4. Personal Growth & Transformation: A catalyst for Self-awareness and the acceptance of dualities.  Tarot can empower better decision-making, aid in manifestation, boost confidence, promote a growth mindset, and encourage emotional healing (even resilience).  Moreover, by identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, reading tarot cards can set the stage for transformation.

Personal development through reading tarot cards involves seizing the reins of your destiny and using the insights gained to craft a more authentic and fulfilling life.


5. The Art of Tarot Readings: For those itching to shuffle their decks and start reading.  Pollack provides practical advice on how to perform tarot readings and mentions various spreads.  The book also highlights the importance of mindfulness techniques, like meditation and contemplation.  As well as, the integration of personal rituals and sacred practices as a spiritual act to receive messages from the divine.

Whether you’re doing a simple one-card draw or an elaborate Celtic Cross spread, you’ll find her guidance invaluable.

6. Historical Context: To add depth and stamina to your readings, 78 Degrees of Wisdom takes you on a quest through the origins and evolution of the tarot.  Ultimately, enriching your interpretations of the cards with cultural insights.

7. Interconnectedness of Cards: What sets 78 Degrees of Wisdom apart is its holistic approach to reading tarot cards.  Instead of simply presenting you with card meanings, Pollack demonstrates the interconnectedness of the cards in the deck and how they weave together to tell a story.  One that mirrors our own spiritual journey, called life.  This interconnectedness is crucial for interpreting cards within a reading.

8. Myth and Storytelling: As it relates to folklore or traditions, tarot is often seen as a set of visual cards that tell a story.  Thus, 78 Degrees of Wisdom delves into how tarot can be used to construct and facilitate a personal narrative. Ultimately Tarot enables you to become the author, providing a sense of agency and control over your life’s story.

“Fairy tales and mythos are initiators; they are the wise ones who teach those who have come after.”


9. Intuition: The book not only underscores the significance of using the cards as a means of SOUL or Self-reflection, but consistently empowers readers to trust their intuition and develop a personal connection with the cards.  Furthermore, regular engagement with the deck sharpens your intuitive abilities, making you more attuned to your inner voice and instincts as you place trust in your interpretations. This heightened intuition extends beyond tarot readings and exerts a positive influence on your decision-making in everyday life.

10. Gender and Diversity: As a prominent feminist and LGBTQ+ activist.  Rachel Pollack brings a contemporary and inclusive perspective to tarot, making it a welcoming space for everyone to explore.  Moreover, her book encourages you to celebrate the differences in the human experience.

A book that ages well, 78 Degrees of Wisdom is a rich and insightful resource that has stood the test of time, since its first publication in the 1980’s.  A timeless reference in the tarot community, Pollack’s book encourages readers to go beyond rote memorization of card meanings and to wonder into the profound depth of knowledge that a deck can offer in their lives.

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