The Foundational Principles for Spiritual Growth & Self-Realization!

These essential principles form the foundation of A Course in Miracles and provide a roadmap for spiritual growth and self-realization.

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Back in January of 2023, I recall an instagram post about a rebirth by taking Bufo … venom from a toad with psychoactive properties.  Having a FOMO moment, this post surprisingly appeared after listening to a podcast that spoke on Addiction, Psychedelics and Reframing Trauma.  A BIG TALK episode from Dear Gabby with Dr. Gabor Mate.

A sufferer of mental health, I’ve always been interested in trying a psychedelic drug for therapy.  To take a trip to either Peru or Costa Rica and experience the common Ayahuasca retreat.  But, I do question if it’s really for me.

Although I am open to a psychedelic rebirth.  The spiritual journey is all about what you, as an individual, are being called to and not about having a FOMO moment.

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During this time, I had also started the Course In Miracles Workbook for Students (a 365 day challenge).  And, I thought – maybe this is my rebirth.  Not everyone needs or is called to a psychedelic to experience spiritual growth and self-realization.  While it may take some a week … if they are on a retreat, or 30 minutes … if they are high on a psychedelic.  My rebirth … will take a year.

Finishing A Course in Miracles in January of 2024.  Here are 7 principles that have divinely re-connected me to the Universe.

Find Inner Peace With These 7 Principles Of Spiritual Growth & Self-Realization!


1. The Power of Forgiveness: Central to A Course in Miracles, the principle of forgiveness, underscores the transformative power of releasing resentment, blame, and grievances.  Moreover,  it teaches that forgiveness is not condoning or excusing the actions of others.  But rather a liberation of oneself from the chains of anger and resentment.  By forgiving others and ourselves, we let go of the burdens of the past, allowing healing and inner peace to emerge.

Forgiveness is viewed as a pathway to freedom, as it shifts our perception from judgment to compassion, recognizing the inherent worth and innocence within each individual. Ultimately, embracing the power of forgiveness is a profound act of Self-love, as it liberates us from the bondage of the ego and opens the door to experiencing the miraculous SOUL in our lives.

2. The Illusion of Separation: Challenging the belief in individual isolation and asserting the interconnectedness of all beings. This cornerstone principle teaches that the perception of separation from each other and from our divine source is a fundamental error of the human mind.  Conclusively leading to fear, conflict, and suffering.

Furthermore, this separation is merely an illusion created by the ego or fear, which thrives on division and duality. In truth, we are all expressions of the same universal collective consciousness, intrinsically linked and united in our essence.

Embracing this principle invites us to transcend the boundaries of egoic perception and recognize the inherent unity and oneness of all life. Fostering compassion, empathy, and harmony in our relationships and in the world at large.

3. The Role of Perception: This principle emphasizes the profound influence our perceptions have on shaping our reality and experiences. Teaching that our perceptions are not passive observations but active interpretations influenced by our beliefs, fears, and past experiences.

Simply said – “Perception is Projection!”


However, by recognizing the power of our thoughts to construct our reality, the course invites us to shift from a mindset of fear to one rooted in love. Through this shift in perception, we can transform our experiences, relationships, and the world around us.

If we choose to see with the eyes of love and forgiveness, we can transcend the limitations of the ego and align with the truth of our spiritual nature.  Thereby opening ourselves to the possibility of experiencing natural occurrences, or miracles, in our daily lives.

4. The Nature of Reality: Questioning the conventional understanding of the material world, the principle concerning the nature of reality, asserts that it’s  an illusion created by the ego, or fears.  Accordingly, true reality lies beyond the realm of physical form and is rooted in the eternal and unchanging essence of spirit.

Additionally, our identification with the body and the material world perpetuates a sense of separation and suffering. Obscuring the awareness of our true nature as spiritual beings. Through spiritual awakening and the practice of mindfulness, we can begin to transcend the limitations of the ego and align with the truth of our spiritual reality.

In other words – “Enlightenment is a shift from Body Identification to Spirit-Identification.”


By recognizing the transient nature of the physical world and anchoring ourselves in the eternal truth of our spiritual essence. We can experience a deep sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment that transcends the fluctuations of the material realm.

5. The Practice of Mindfulness: Not stressed enough in today’s society, the importance of present moment awareness and inner reflection as a means to awaken from the illusion of the ego is necessary.  So, this principle teaches us that by cultivating a state of mindfulness, we can become aware of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Without judgment or attachment to our actions.

And, even though we must take responsibility for our actions.  Through this practice, we can begin to recognize the ego’s patterns and conditioning. Allowing us to see and disidentify from its limitations, eventually aligning us with our true spiritual nature.

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” – Blaise Pascal


In general, mindfulness empowers us to choose love over fear, forgiveness over judgment, and presence over unconsciousness.  Thereby facilitating a shift in perception from the ego’s illusions to the truth of our eternal essence.

By anchoring ourselves in the present moment and embracing mindfulness as a way of life.  We can experience inner peace, clarity, and a deeper connection to ourselves, including the world around us.

6. The Call to Love: Highlighting that love is the fundamental truth underlying all existence and the antidote to fear.  A Course in Miracles teaches that every moment presents an opportunity to choose love over fear, kindness over criticizing, and compassion over separation.

Portrayed as the essence of our being and the guiding force of the universe, love transcends all boundaries and distinctions. And, by answering the call to love, we align ourselves with our SOUL and recognize the interconnectedness of all life.

“Love restores reason. But, reason does not restore love.” – Marianne Williamson


Furthermore, this principle invites us to extend love unconditionally to ourselves and others, fostering healing, forgiveness, and unity. Moreover, through the practice of love, we can dissolve the illusions of the ego and awaken to the eternal truth of our oneness with all creation, leading to joy, fulfillment, and harmony in our lives.

7. The Path of Inner Peace: Guiding us towards a state of tranquility by embracing a spiritual awakening and transformation. The course points out that inner peace is not dependent on external circumstances.  But instead, is cultivated through a shift in perception and being in alignment with our true spiritual nature or SOUL.

Moreover, the path of inner peace involves letting go of the ego’s illusions and choosing the principles of forgiveness, love, and mindfulness (as mentioned above). In relinquishing the need to control and resisting the temptation to judge others, even ourselves, we create space for the miracles to unfold.

Lastly, this principle invites us to surrender to the flow of life.  Trusting in the wisdom of the universe and embracing each moment with openness, plus acceptance. Like the other principles for spiritual growth and self-realization, the path of inner peace transcends the ego’s limitations.  Allowing us to experience a sense of serenity, contentment and connection with the Divine.

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