Why Hello Again!

Let me start by saying – It’s AN honor to support you on A spiritual journey for soul recovery!

As an advocate for Spiritual Psychology, I’m super thankful you landed on this intimate space, specifically aimed to nurture healing, break harmful cycles and seek inner truth.  The ultimate goal, is to shine light into a sea of darkness and potentially be a guide on how you can serve your soul. 


Up until about two years ago, I was fully immersed in being conditioned and programmed to follow societal norms in order to be “successful” in Life.   Although I thought I was doing everything right, I was feeling any and everything but “successful”.  I had no WHY or most importantly, I didn’t have a sense of PURPOSE.

Instead, traumatic experiences led to severe depression, anxiety, fear, PTSD, failed relationships, heartache, etc.  This list can keep going, but I’ll stop for the sake of saying this – It was time for a change. And, the more I continued down the path of mundane existence, the louder my SOUL cried out for FREEDOM!


However, before you dive into the nitty-gritty of what this blog has to offer, I must say that embarking on a quest for soul-searching is NOT an easy task; many are not ready for an awakening.  BUT (and the caps signify a huge but), the essential gift in doing so is pure enlightenment.  Or realizing, that we (you and I), have a fundamental opportunity to co-create the life of our desires.