Integrative Medicine: I AM More Than Just A Body!

The subtle shifts in western medicine has been fundamental.  Moving away from methods that only suppress and/or eradicate symptoms (Allopathy).  To holistic approaches, like Integrative medicine, that not only considers the body, but also the mind and soul.

When did my primary care physician start asking questions about my behavioral/mental health?

The message for today was deep, and made me think about a book I just finished – The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture by Gabor Mate.

An investigation into the root cause of an illness, Dr. Mate examines how society can breed diseases (dis-eases) and pathways to healing; better health.

Integrative Medicine

Understanding the importance of addressing the root cause, rather than just treat the symptoms of an illness or disease, has helped to put the Universal Law of Cause & Effect, in perspective.

Essentially considering the mind, body and soul connection. Integrative medicine doesn’t just put a band aid over the wound and hopes it will heal with time.   Instead, the pathway to healing starts with addressing the cause.

Otherwise, the symptom will just morph into another symptom.

Read the MessageHow to Stand Strong in Defenselessness

Unfortunately, in western medicine, the ultimate source of sickness is thought about only in terms of the body, which is only treating the effect or symptom.

The cause, is at the level of the mind (not physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual).  This doesn’t mean don’t see a Doctor. Despite what society tells us, the body and the mind are not in conflict but are interconnected.

So yes, go to the doctor, but also seek support mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are Soul, Spirit, an idea and creation of God.

Integrative medicine contributes to the healing of all disease (or dis-eases).  Moreover, the healthiest thought we can have about the body is to realize we are not just our bodies.

The true purpose of our bodies is to be vessels, suits of clothes for our souls to walk on earth and have a human experience.

This works is not easy.  Yet, it is essential.


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