How to Stand Strong in Defenselessness

Instead of planning, organizing, controlling, attacking, etc. Why not stand strong in defenselessness?

What a great message I received this morning.  Being defenseless, is what I have been praying to accomplish.  Instead of planning, organizing, controlling, attacking, blocking, etc. I have been trying to embrace the concept of surrendering and truly allowing my intentions and desires to unfold naturally or however my Divine Architecture would like for me to show up and serve.

Nature Knows What It’s Doing!

Within every acorn, there is already the programming by which it will turn into an oak tree.  Furthermore, the bud doesn’t have to plan or force itself to blossom.  In short, nature knows what it is doing.   Natural intelligence has already created the Divine Architecture by which our lives will unfold perfectly.

The fact that we THINK we need to plan, organize, strategize to make things happen, only gets in the way of a far better plan in place.  And, the reason why we think we need to plan, is because subconsciously, we fear being attacked, threatened, overwhelmed by the randomness and chaos this world brings, if we don’t.

In essence, we are defending ourselves from a core belief system that is conditioned to fear the experiences of the past; the fear based thought system of the ego that dominates the world and brings illusions.

Even though we are dwelling in the present moment, we are allowing beliefs from the past to dictate the future with feelings of being in control.

Unbeknownst to us, this puts stress on the body (i.e., physical ailments, obesity, etc.), because the body is not meant to carry this defense mechanism.  The body is meant to dwell in the understanding and truth of our divine function and purpose.  Let me pause and acknowledge my recent diagnosis of Cubital (Ulnar)Tunnel Syndrome.

In certainty, we must stand strong in defenselessness & know that our Divine Architecture is doing what it does best (design our lives).

If we are not open to this, then the ideas, people, situations and circumstances that are apart of our divine plan to perfectly unfold, will be missed because we are too busy getting in the way with what we THINK we need.

Aimlessly defending ourselves against a future, that does not exist.  Illusions, based on fears that stem from the past (that may not even be our own).

If there are plans to make, you will be told of these plans.  In the present, listen to the voice of God (or the Universe).  What is your finely tuned instrument or intuition?  In Human Design, mine is Instinctive Intuition (the spleen is the strongest part of my chart or authority).

When we in defenselessness, strength is dwelling from a place of knowing, rather than an ego or fear.  Moreover, we have a different perception or an awareness of ourselves, in relation to the Universe.

Yes, we are grounded in the body, but more foundational in the realm of Spirit.  Allowing for us to be more effective in this human experience by being wiser, clearer, peaceful and happier.

We are no longer planning a defense for attack.  By standing strong in defenselessness, we are essentially making ourselves available to miracles that are already planned for us.






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