How to Contact Spirit Guides & Connect with 7 Divination Tools!

Sending insightful signs for spiritual growth.  Here are 7 divination tools to essentially contact and connect with your Spirit Guides.

How to Contact Connect with Spirit Guides

But, before we get into the HOW TO, I want to touch on some basics.  Like, what are Spirit Guides?  Well, according to modern day Spiritualism.  A Spirit Guide is a non-physical being, assigned to help a human obtain their highest potential.

Furthermore, considered to have mastered the many lessons of life.  Spirit Guides have chosen to spend time as teachers for the sole (or soul) purpose of evolution.

In general, we all have multiple Spirit Guides who send us helpful signs.  Although some have been with us since birth (sometimes, even before we are born), others are called to us in times of need.

Moreover, perfectly matched with Spirit Guides of complement and/or similar strengths.  These energetic beings are not only essential for guidance.  But, are also fundamental in situations where spiritual growth and healing are necessary.

A Quick Look at the Types of Spirit Guides Sending Signs:
  • Archangels, Guardian Angels, etc. – Legendary beings, each Archangel has a specialty that can be called upon by anyone (i.e. Archangel Michael for protection). While Guardian Angels are paired and solely committed to you (and your highest potential).
  • Ancestors & Departed Loved Ones – Whether you knew them well or not. Ancestors and loved ones who have passed, may be specifically chosen to be your Spirit Guide.  Actively supporting you in life’s endeavors.
  • Ascended Masters – These are beings who, when human, experienced a Spiritual Journey of great evolution and power. Now, they hold special titles in Spiritualism and are well recognized teachers (i.e. Mother Theresa).
  • Deities, Gods or Goddesses – A divinely supreme power with a supernatural ability to control events and the nature of things (i.e. God, the Universe, Infinite Spirit, etc.)
  • Plants – A great way to connect with the spirit of Mama Earth, the best way to describe a plant as a Spirit Guide, is to reference the experience of an Ayahuasca Journey. Where an individual can be led into different realms to explore and stimulate mental, physical and emotional growth.
  • Spirit Animals – Mostly described as messengers, many acknowledge a deceased pet as a Spirit Guide. Maintaining balance in one’s life by, not only offering guidance, but lessons, protection and wisdom.  Spirit Animals tend to send signs/messages via characteristics and behavior patterns.
  • Soul Archetypes – Types of Universal vibes, Archetypes are considered to be energetic patterns that can guide us towards personal experiences and influence mental, emotional and spiritual growth (i.e. Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

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1. Bibliomancy:

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

If you are a book lover (like me) and wondering how to contact and connect to your spirit guides.  Simply open a book and start reading. 

Originating in Ancient Rome, Bibliomancy has a long spiritual tradition in employing sacred books (i.e. the Bible) and using specific words and/or verses for the purpose of divination.

Nowadays, to practice Bibliomancy, any book that is important to you (believed to hold truth) can be chosen.  And, if you feel called to do so, you can even select a book at random.

How to find Your Spirit Guides with Bibliomancy:

Start by stating (out loud) or thinking about your intention (to meet your guides) and/or a question.  Balance the book on its spine and allow it to fall open.  With eyes closed, pick a passage; for clarification, read the whole page.

The message (or introduction), from your Spirit Guides may not be apparent, at first.  But, after careful thought and consideration.  You will eventually understand and acknowledge the relevance of the words.

2. Crystal Pendulums:

How to Contact Your Spirit Guides

Usually in the form of a triangular crystal (sharp or blunt), and connected to a chain (made from metal, string or leather).  Pendulums are used to gain clarity, plus guidance, by tapping into higher intuition and communicating with a spiritual source (i.e. Spirit Guides).

Originating as tool since the 16th century, pendulums are fundamentally programmed to tune into and move with your daily (or present moment) energy; the answer maybe YES today, yet NO tomorrow.

Likewise, since the actual crystal acts as the main source of power (high vibrational frequency), finding what feels good, when choosing a stone, is key.  Especially if you are interested in healing energetic blocks or seeking protection.

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Yet, before we look into the HOW TO of contacting and connecting with your Spirit Guides via Pendulums.  Please note, this tool can only answer close-ended questions (YES or NO).

Which is great, if you are seeking a fast answer.  But, to gain more insight with crystal clear answers.   it’s recommended to phrase questions appropriately and to ask more than one.

In general, there is a learning curve when working with a crystal pendulum.  However, the more you work with the tool, giving it space to communicate, the better you’ll become at understanding how it moves and responds.

Does it move vertically for a YES and horizontally for a NO?  Or, does it move in a circular motion for neutral?  Whatever the answer, take note for future reference.

Check-out these Crystal Pendulums from Tiny Rituals and this Pendulum Board from Rock Paradise!

3. Dreams:

Meet Spirit Guides in Sleep

A remarkable, yet under-utilized resource, dreams are the easiest way for your Spirit Guides to connect and communicate with you.

Carrying essential messages for healing inner wounds, re-aligning with your best self, and solving problems in waking life.  In general, Dreams are a great divination tool for personal growth, inspiration and perspective.

Here is how Your Spirit Guides contact and connect with you, in dreams:

  1. Reoccurring Dreams or Themes – If you are experiencing repeating dreams, your spirit guides are trying to get your attention.
  2. People, Places and Things – People in your dreams are Spirit Guides. Possibly appearing in the form of a close friend, stranger, or even just a familiar face.  Whether these individuals are dead or alive in waking life, take note of the interaction (i.e. words spoken or written, actions/behavior, directions, etc.).

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Additionally, don’t forget about pets or animals, as well as, your senses:  how do you feel?  Do you smell anything?  What do you see in terms of your surroundings? etc.

In all, you want to grasp any and all signs and/or symbols in your dream to interpret the messages from your Spirit Guides.  Homework for tonight!  Set the intention before you go to sleep to communicate with your Spirit Guides.  And, if you are really looking to experience the benefits of your dreams, look into lucid dreaming.

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4. Free or Automatic Writing:

How to Contact Spirit Guides

Now, I must admit.  Although I consider myself a pretty good writer.  I did not automatically gravitate towards writing as being a way to communicate with my spirit guides. 

Not until recently.  When, after free-writing for 5 minutes, I met one of my Spirit Guides, by the name of Edwin (or Eddy, yes with a y).

Automatic or free writing is basically a way of tuning into a spiritual source for wisdom.  While some say it’s done in a trance-like state (or altered state of consciousness).  Many simply think it is tapping into the subconscious and/or super-conscious state of mind (i.e. intuition, spirit guides, spiritual source, etc.) to gain personal knowledge and guidance.

A tool that can be added into your daily spiritual practice (or rituals).  Here is how to contact and connect with your Spirit Guides:

  • Grab a journal or piece of paper, along with a pen/pencil.
  • Maybe think of a question (or maybe not), but do have an intent to communicate with your Spirit Guides.
  • This step is optional, but highly recommended – Find a guided meditation (like the one below), to relax and open your body, mind, plus soul.
  • Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes (to begin).
  • And, Allow the writing to just flow.

A meditation to Connect with Your Spirit Guides by Gabby Bernstein.

After the timer goes off, let whatever came through, to sit for a while.  I personally like to review what I have written after a day or two, but for you, it could be a couple of hours (or right away).  Find what feels right and good.

5. Reading Oracle and/or Tarot Cards:

Spirit Guides Tarot Spread

Generally speaking, there are so many benefits to using Oracle and/or Tarot Cards.  And, regardless of a few differences, the purpose behind reading these divination tools are basically, the same.

Mighty enough to pull just one card, Oracle cards are a quick and easy way to decipher a sign from your Spirit Guides (especially for beginners).

However, if you are looking for more depth (plus history), then reading Tarot may be the way to go.  Likewise, although there are plenty of spreads, on the web, for communicating with your Guides.  I personally like to go, with the flow, and make up my own (sort of).

Here is how to contact and communicate with your Spirit Guides, using Tarot and/or Oracle Cards:

  • Choose a deck of cards (even a deck of playing cards will do) that call to you.
  • As usual, set some time to get clear and ground yourself.
  • Start shuffling the cards and think about a question or the intention of meeting your Spirit Guides.
  • Patiently Wait for a Jumper to pop out, receiving a message from your Spirit Guides.
  • For more insight, continue to shuffle for Jumpers, to fall out.

What are “jumpers?” – A card or cards that fall, or fly, out of the deck while being shuffled.  Jumpers usually answer the true question or reveal the true intent, that’s been floating in your subconscious or super-conscious mind and can also mean something is soon to happen.

Spiritual Source or “Ego-Static?”

There are plenty of spiritual beings in the atmosphere, and unlike Spirit Guides, not all are vibrating at an optimal level of compassion, love and truth.  An easy way to be mindful of this type of energy, is to check-in, with the information you are receiving.

In her book, Tarot for Yourself, the author (Mary K. Greer), suggests a great way to decipher if you are dealing with a Spiritual source (i.e. Spirit Guides) or “Ego-static.” Although the original idea stems from a book written by Mike Samuels and Hal Bennett (Spirit Guides: Access to Inner Worlds), she breaks down this notion into 5 simple questions:

  • Is it based on love?
  • Is the information non-judgmental?
  • What about harmful towards yourself or others?
  • Are your muscles relaxed and do you feel at ease?
  • Does it excessively please or gratify you? Or, does it bring out your inner doubts and fears?  If so, it may be your Ego, or shadow self, speaking.

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6. Runes:

Spirit Guides How to Find Your

Like the other divination tools listed above.  Runes are commonly used today for the purpose of inner guidance, connecting to the higher self and tapping into intuition.

Full of magical history, Runes derive from an Ancient Proto-Germanic tradition and contain an alphabet of 24 letters (typically made from stone or wood).  Thought to hold powerful divinatory strength, Norse and other cultures across Northern Europe, highly cherished and used the tool with extreme caution.

With many different layout/spread options (like tarot), here is how to contact and connect with Spirit Guides using Runes:

  • Traditional Style – Looking up towards the sky, cast or throw runes onto a special piece of fabric. Then read upright runes only.
  • Modern Style – While holding a pouch of runes with your dominant hand, think about a question (or an intention). Pull out a rune, one by one, with your dominant hand, and place in a chosen layout/spread.

Seeking to get or learn more about Runes?  Look into, Runes for Beginners: A Guide to Reading Runes in Divination, Rune Magic & the Meaning of the Elder Futhark Runes by Lisa Chamberlain.  To purchase a set, check-out these crystal runes (found on Amazon), infused with high vibrational energy.

7. Tea Leaf Reading:

How to Find Your Spirit Guides

Reading tea leaves was a popular craft for traveling gypsies (through-out Europe, plus Middle East), and was commonly used to reveal hidden blockages, offer advice and forecast the future. 

Well-known today, through-out the World, many view tea leaf readings as an accessible and cost-effective way to exercise creativity or intuition.  However, it does take some skill and a lot of practice.

An ancient and somewhat mysterious divination tool, here is how to contact and connect with Your Spirit Guides via a tea leaf reading:

  • Add about a pinch of full-leaf black tea to a light-colored tea cup (for easier reading).
  • Pour hot water over leaves and allow them to soak for approx. 3 – 5 minutes.
  • While drinking the tea, reflect on meeting your Spirit Guides.
  • When only a small amount of tea is left (i.e. 1 tablespoon), in a circular motion, move the cup clockwise – 3x. Some of the tea and leaves should swish up the sides.
  • Then, flip the cup down on a saucer and allow the left-over tea to drain.
  • After 1 minute or so, flip the cup right side up and begin to read your leaves.

As you search for configurations and patterns, also pay attention to density of wet leaves and color.  Moreover, don’t forget to be cognizant of your senses.  In general, try to create a story with what you see and feel free to enlist the help of another divination tool, like these Tarot Cards – Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

Overall, there is a lot that goes into reading tea leaves.  So, if interested, definitely check out this old, but fundamental text, Reading Tea Leaves – written by “A highland Seer” in 1881.  To accompany this book, also look into obtaining a tea cup, like this beginner’s Cup of Destiny listed on Amazon.

To conclude, this post was about how to contact and connect with Spirit Guides by using 7 different Divination tools.  Not bound by the natural laws of the world, Spirit Guides are known to communicate in many different ways.  So, don’t worry if you don’t resonate with one of these tools.  But remember, we all have wise Spirit Guides whose goal is to work on our behalf.  Guiding us (via thoughts, plus energy) back into alignment with the love (and light) of the Universe.  In all, when we call upon our Spirit Guides for guidance, it should be nothing but a comforting and joyful experience.

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