5 Ways to Protect Your Divine Feminine & Spiritual Energy!

While many may spend time worrying about the expenditure of energy.  Soul wise, it’s more about the type of energy.  Here are 5 simple ways to protect your Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy. 

Divine Feminine Spiritual Energy

When I first started my Spiritual Journey, I knew I wanted to truly connect with my Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy.  As an Empath, I had been bombarded by Masculine Energy and led by other energy (that wasn’t mine) for far too long.  Tired, I needed balance and protection badly.

So, in laymen terms (I am talking really basic), what is Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy?

A Universal language, some may recognize the different types of energy (or Vibrational Frequencies), that operate within the Cosmic realm.  While others simply believe they are just subcategories of 2 fundamental types of energies – FEAR and LOVE.

To speak more on the latter, although experiences of addiction, animosity, compulsions, envy, resentment, stress, unhealthy cravings, (etc.), operate at dissimilar frequencies (or energy levels), they all stem from the fundamental energy of FEAR.

FEAR is the lowest Vibrational Frequency, and is thought to be the cause of pain in the body.

On the other end of the spectrum, experiences of compassion, gratitude, healing, joy, peace, (etc.), all come from the positive and powerful energy of LOVE.

LOVE is considered the highest Vibrational Frequency and is the ultimate mascot for finding what feels good.

A Few Characteristics of Divine Feminine & Spiritual Energy:
Accepting, Cooperative, Creative, Erotic, Generous, Intelligent, Intuitive, Passionate, Selfless, Sensual or Sexual, Thoughtful, etc.

Unfortunately, most of us unconsciously live in a reality of FEAR, with false energies of LOVE.  But, if we can consciously act and function with LOVE, obviously a way higher Vibrational frequency than FEAR, we are incapable of leading our lives towards pain or suffering.

Simply put, Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy is nothing but conscious acts of pure LOVE!

How can we safely protect these fuels of LOVE? 

Especially if we are pursuing a path of Spiritual Evolution?  The straightforward answer is to always determine whether we are grounded in LOVE or FEAR.  However, the protection of energy can be a combination of many things, including:

  • Calling upon Spirit Guides or Spirit Animals
  • Affirming or Praying to a force beyond the physical realm
  • Implementing Protective Shields and/or using an Object

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Why is Protecting Your Divine Feminine & Spiritual Energy Necessary?

Whether the source of low energy is physical or non-physical, it is always searching for a host to attach to for nourishment – Energy Vampires! It’s also important to note that like attracts like when it comes to Vibrational Frequency.

Moreover, if we don’t protect our Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy, we are easily susceptible to the low vibe experiences of FEAR, that slowly drain us.  Low vibes that unknowingly attracts negative influences and keep us stagnant in life.  Unmotivated vibes, that leave us too exhausted to be in a space of LOVE.

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1. Use Words of Power:

Words of Power

The easiest way (and possibly the strongest) to protect your Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy is by repeating words of power, backed by positive thoughts (i.e.  Affirmations and/or Mantras).

“There is nothing to oppose my love and light”

We can also request a Higher Power (source of energy), Spirit Guide, or Angel to be with us, providing protection from any low energy forces who wish us harm.  This is basically classified as a Prayer or an Invocation.

According to the Law of Divine Protection, this request is a Divine right that many are unaware of.  Yet, many are also strangers to the power within that not only provides protection, but can guide us when fully trusted.

A lot of individuals pray to Archangel Michael for protection regarding Spiritual Energy; especially when they are afraid, anxious, or in danger. For protection of my Divine Feminine Energy, I find myself drawn to the Egyptian Goddess Energy of Bastet (or Bast).

Similarly, I also find myself weirdly drawn to cats and see them as my Spirit Guides (who I talk to on a frequent basis).

If you are having issues finding or connecting to a higher source, just ask for the Universe to reveal itself to you and be on the look-out.  The Universe works in mysterious ways and you may be pleasantly surprised at what presents itself to you for assistance.

The trick is to be open and to find what feels good.  If stealing words from a song to repeat to yourself gives you a sense of ease, use it as your words of Divine Protection.

2. Set Invisible Boundaries:

Energy Shield

Another option for protecting Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy, is to visualize a Spiritual Shield of Energy (set invisible boundaries).  Energy Shields come in handy if you ever find yourself stuck in space full of, way too much, masculine energy or where bad juju energy is evident.

A quick and very effective approach, Energy Shields involve visualizing yourself surrounded by a protective energy field made from radiant light.  As you hold the intention of protection, visualize with feelings of warmth (from the radiant light) and imagine yourself engulfed in a bubble (or even a cloak).

“I am surrounded by the light & love of a Higher Power, through which nothing can penetrate.”

White light is Preferable for all-purpose protection.  My favorite is Gold, which is a color high in vibes and also used for raising Vibrational Frequency.

But, do you, any color that suites you will do.  If necessary, you can use Words of Power and ask a Higher Source, Spirit Guide/animal or Angel, to create a protective shield for you.

In all, be mindful that Energy Shields do wear off over time.  However, they can be in place for up to 8 -12 hours in “safe spaces” or peaceful environments.

3. Protective Objects:

How to Protect Your Energy from Others

Whether you choose an amulet, spiritual icon, a talisman, regular jewelry, crystals or some random thing you are magically drawn to.  All should possess High Vibrational Energy that can make you feel safe, strong and protected.  Additionally, you can always bless your objects with intentions of protection.

With the ability to hold plus emit energy, and known to have the highest Vibrational Frequency of all the objects.  Crystals are commonly used for protection.

Personally, I always place a Black Obsidian in my car for safekeeping.  But I also see individuals wearing bracelets of Hematite, Tiger’s Eye and/or Black Onyx.

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If crystals are not your thing (or not enough), Spiritual Jewelry is definitely a plentiful option. I recently purchased a few items from Mantraband.com to be reminded daily of protecting my Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy (they have a bomb talisman collection).

Furthermore, small statues of Spiritual Icons (Gods/Goddesses) are also commonly placed in Sacred Spaces for protection (to ward off negative vibes or energy).

Here is a badass statue of the Indian Goddess Kali that I recently bought for my Sacred Space.  Mastering the energy of time, creation, change, death, and power, she reminds me to embrace the Warrior in me; sending fiery High Vibes to my Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy.

4. Practice Mindfulness:

Keeping your Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy protected can be aided by grounding yourself via guided meditation, being aware of your thoughts (working with the subconscious mind) and frequently getting out in nature; hug a tree and allow your feet to connect with Mama Earth.

If you find yourself confused, bewildered, unable to focus, clumsy, dizzy, daydreaming (a lot), procrastinating, forgetful, (etc.), you are NOT grounded; your mind needs some T.L.C!

Other Mindfulness Practices include, but is not limited to,  Yin Yoga and working with the Kundalini Spirit (or Kundalini Yoga, which incorporates breath work).  As well as, balancing the Chakras.

If you are trying to safely remove yourself from a negative situation or relationship, there are visual meditations for cutting energetic cords.

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5. Cleansing Rituals or Routines:

How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy of Others

Last but not least, how can you possibly protect your Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy when you are holding on to old negative vibes?

Like record keepers, our bodies and our minds carry old stale energy of the past, unless we take the time to establish a clean slate.  This process can also protect against unwanted NEW energy that we may encounter.

Below are common ways to easily, quickly and permanently remove old karmic records in order move forward with love and light.

  • Smudge with Sage, Incense or Palo Santo (use a Feather for extra potency)
  • Take a bath with Essential Oils and/or Cleanse with Epsom Salt; you can also place a bowl of Sea or Himalayan Salt plus water within your home
  • Find house Plants to absorb and clear negative energy (i.e. Aloe Vera)
  • Remove yucky toxins by taking a trip to a Sauna, Steam Room or Sweat Lodge
  • Use Traditional Methods of Sound (i.e. rattles, drums, gongs, bells, singing bowls)
  • Declutter and Organize physically (your surrounding environment) and Mentally (i.e. journal)

To conclude, this particular post was about 5 Ways to Protect Your Divine Feminine and Spiritual Energy!  Living in a society that shy’s away from internal peace.  I practice a number of these methods on a daily basis.  With my favorite being smudging with Palo Santo and a Turkey feather.  Followed by lighting a candle and meditating.  To make things simple, focus on heart-centered actions and feelings (LOVE).  With faith, know that you have a Divine Right to live a protected life.  Lastly, this work is not easy, but it is so essential for Spiritual Growth!


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