We Love These 9 Divination Tools for Exercising Intuition!

Are you looking to spark and/or exercise intuition?  Well, here are 9 Divination Tools to try and get you started.

Divination Tools

But, before we get into the meat of this post, I want to touch on some basics.  Like, what are Divination Tools?  Or, more specifically – What is Divination?

Whether we define Divination to be an attempt to gain insight into a question/situation.  Or the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown by supernatural means.  We can definitely define Divination Tools as great ways for sharpening our abilities to recognize the messages sent by the Universe.

In addition to acquiring a heightened sense of awareness.  It is also essential to begin a mindfulness practice, or ritual.

Unbeknownst to many, the Universe is always sending us clues and has been, since birth.  Clues, to act as guidance.  But often, we loose these clues, because our minds are too busy, to properly understand them.

This is why establishing a mindfulness practice, or ritual, is important.  When we are able to quite the mind (i.e. the ego), and ground ourselves in inner stillness.  We are given the opportunity to tap into our intuition, be in the present moment, and tune into the guiding messages from the Universe.  Moreover, the more we keep this channel open to receive.  The more signs we will experience.


With that being said, you are ultimately the main tool in connecting to the Universe.  Divination Tools, are only secondary to the energetic power we all hold within.  What is this energetic power?  Intuition, or some may call it psychic abilities, even creativity.

Considered to be energetic conduits, capable of heightening our awareness and reflecting our experiences.  Divination Tools are direct links (shortcuts through the noise), to the Universe.

In all, the key to a strong divination practice, is an open and patient mind.  With the possible help of Divination Tools to clarify and fine tune the senses.

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1. Bibliomancy:

If you are a book lover (like me) and wondering how to exercise your intuition.  Simply open a book and start reading. 

Divination Tools Spiritual

Originating in Ancient Rome, Bibliomancy has a long spiritual tradition in employing sacred books (i.e. the Bible) and using specific words and/or verses, for the purpose of divination.

Nowadays, to practice bibliomancy, any book that is important to you (believed to hold truth) can be chosen.  And, if you feel called to do so, you can even select a book at random.

To utilize this divination tool, state or think about your intention/question.  Balance the book on its spine and allow it to fall open.  With eyes closed, pick a passage.  For clarification, read the whole page.

The sign or message received from the Universe may not be apparent, at first.  But, after careful thought and consideration.  You will eventually understand and acknowledge the relevance of the words.

2. Dice:

Who hasn’t used a pair of dice before?  An easy and cost-effective approach. Using Dice as a divination tool is good for numerical questions (i.e. How many cookies should I make for this party?) and time related questions (i.e. How many months until I get a new job?).

Dice Divination Tools

Approximately 5,000 years old and said to have originated from Ancient Persia.  Modern dices today have evolved from a two-sided (yes or no) object, to one that now entails 3, 4 or even 6 sides.

Although typically used, through-out history, for gaming and gambling purposes. When it comes to using dice as divination tools, the numbers are meant to symbolize different actions and possibilities to take in your life.  And, even though it is suggested to use 3 (6-sided dices) for divination.  To start, use 1 dice and increase over-time, based on your comfort level.

To begin, draw a circle (optional) and roll the dice in your hand, while thinking about a question.  Throw the dice into the circle and from here, the easiest way to read the dice is to designate odd numbers as a NO and even numbers as a  YES.

If you chose to create a circle and the dice rolls out of bounds, now may not be good time for the question to be answered (things are unclear).

Furthermore, for clearer answers, it is suggested to use multiple dice.  But again, think about your comfort level. There are many ways to read dice, that coincide with other Divination Tools.  Adding more to the mix may overwhelm you.

However, I must mention and recommend Astrological Dice, as they can aid in clarifying what each number may mean and also provide more insight to questions.

3. Dreams:

A remarkable, yet under-utilized resource, dreams are the easiest way to tap into and exercise intuition.

unique divination tools

Carrying essential messages for healing inner wounds, re-aligning with your best self, and solving problems in waking life.  In general, Dreams are a great Divination Tool for personal growth, inspiration and perspective.

Here is how to exercise intuition with dreams:

  1. Reoccurring Dreams – If you are experiencing repeating themes, pay attention, the Universe is trying to tell you something.
  2. People, Places and Things – People in your dreams are carrying messages from the Universe. Appearing in the form of a close friend, stranger, or even just a familiar face, dead or alive, take note of the interaction (i.e. words spoken or written, actions/behavior, directions, etc.).

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Additionally, don’t forget about pets or animals.  As well as, your senses:  how do you feel?  Do you smell anything?  What do you see in terms of your surroundings? etc.

In all, you want to grasp any and all signs and/or symbols in your dream to interpret the messages from the Universe.  Homework for tonight, set the intention before you go to sleep, to have a question answered in your dreams.  And, if you are really looking to experience the benefits of your nightly visions, look into lucid dreaming.

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4. Free or Automatic Writing:

Now, I must admit.  Although I consider myself a pretty good writer.  I did not automatically gravitate towards writing as being a way to tune into my higher intuition.  Not until recently, where, after free-writing for 5 minutes, I met one of my Spirit Guides, by the name of Edwin (or Eddy, yes with a y).

Types of Divination Tools

Automatic or free writing, is basically a way of tapping into a higher source for wisdom.  While some say it’s done in a trance-like state (or altered state of consciousness).  Many simply think it is tapping into the subconscious and/or super-conscious state of mind (i.e. intuition, spirit guides, spiritual source, etc.) to gain personal knowledge and guidance.

A Divination Tool that can be easily added into your daily spiritual practice, or rituals (think Journal).  Here is how to exercise intuition with Free or Automatic Writing:

  1. Grab a journal or piece of paper, along with a pen/pencil.
  2. Maybe think of a question (or maybe not) …
  3. Meditate to relax and open your body, mind, plus soul (maybe even tune into binaural frequencies or soothing music)
  4. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes (to begin).
  5. And, Allow the writing to just flow.

After the timer goes off, let whatever came through, to sit for a while.  I personally like to review what I have written after a day or two, but for you, it could be a couple of hours (or right away).  Find what feels right and good.

QUICK NOTE: Don’t forget to cleanse and clear divination tools of old, stale or irrelevant energy that could influence the messages from the Universe.  Smudge (i.e. palo santo, sage), or allow your tools to bask in the Sun, Moon, even Rain. 

5. Pendulums:

Usually in the form of a triangular crystal (sharp or blunt), and connected to a chain (made from metal, string or leather).  Pendulums are divination tools used to gain clarity, plus guidance, by tapping into higher intuition and communicating with a spiritual source (i.e. the Universe).

Divination Tools Pendulum

Used as tool since the 16th century, pendulums are fundamentally programmed to tune into and move with your daily (or present moment) energy.  But, before wondering how to use a pendulum to exercise intuition.  Please keep in mind that this tool can only answer close-ended questions (YES or NO).

Which is great, if you are seeking a fast answer.  Yet, for more insight, it’s recommended to phrase questions in a way that gives clear answers and to also ask, multiple questions.  In general, there is a learning curve when working with a pendulum.  However, the more you work with the tool, the better you’ll become at understanding how it moves and responds.

Does it move vertically for a YES and horizontally for a NO?  Or, does it move in a circular motion for neutral?  Whatever the answer, take note for future reference.

A Best practice with all divination tools, be patient and ground yourself.  Likewise, give the Pendulum space to communicate.  And remember, the more open you are to receiving, the easier it will be for your intuition to pick up messages from the Universe (or another Spiritual Source).

Check-out this Divine Messages Pendulum Locket Necklace from Satya Jewelry.  Along with this Pendulum Board from Rock Paradise!

6. Reading Oracle and/or Tarot Cards:

Generally speaking, there are so many benefits to using Oracle and/or Tarot Cards.  And, regardless of a few differences, the purpose and intent behind reading these divination tools are basically, the same. 

Examples of Divination Tools

Mighty enough to pull just one card, Oracle cards are a quick and easy way to tap into intuition and decipher a sign or message from the Universe (especially for beginners).  However, if you are looking for more depth (plus history), then reading Tarot may be the way to go.

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Likewise, there are plenty of spreads, on the web, to look into, but I personally like to go, with the flow, and make up my own (sort of).

Here is how to exercise intuition, using Tarot and/or Oracle Cards as Divination Tools:

  • Choose a deck of cards (even a deck of playing cards will do) that call to you.
  • As usual, set some time to get clear and ground yourself.
  • Start shuffling the cards and think about a question or an intention …
  • Patiently Wait for a JUMPER to pop out, receiving a message from the Universe
  • For more insight, continue to shuffle for more JUMPERS to fall out

What are JUMPERS?A card or cards that fall, or fly, out of the deck while being shuffled.  Jumpers usually answer the true question or reveal the true intent, that’s been floating in your subconscious or super-conscious mind and can also mean something is soon to happen.

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7. Runes:

Like the other divination tools listed above.  Runes are commonly used today for the purpose of inner guidance, connecting to the higher self and tapping into intuition.

Divination Runes

Full of magical history, Runes derive from an Ancient Proto-Germanic tradition and contain an alphabet of 24 letters (typically made from stone or wood).  Thought to hold powerful divine strength, Norse and other cultures across Northern Europe, highly cherished and used the tool with extreme caution.

With many different layout/spread options (like tarot), here are two, simple ways to exercise intuition with Runes:

  • Traditional Style – Looking up towards the sky, cast or throw runes onto a special piece of fabric. Then read upright runes only.
  • Modern Style – While holding a pouch of runes with your dominant hand, think about a question (or an intention). Pull out a rune, one by one, with your dominant hand and place in a layout/spread.

Seeking to get or learn more about Runes?  Check-out – Runes for Beginners: A Guide to Reading Runes in Divination, Rune Magic & the Meaning of the Elder Futhark Runes by Lisa Chamberlain. To purchase a set, look into crystal runes (found on Amazon), infused with high vibrations.

8. Scrying:

Another divination tool made popular due to mainstream media.  Scrying is a difficult and meticulous skill that takes a lot of work, plus practice. 

Divination Magic

Also linked to Ancient Persia (like Dice).  Scrying usually searching for shapes or images (visions) that appear in a reflective surface.  Besides the usual tools of crystal balls, mirrors, water bowls, eyes or spoons.  Other Scrying objects consist of clouds, fire, smoke, even wax.  Regardless, all inspire your intuition to interpret messages of clarity and guidance from the Universe.

Even though the Scrying technique appears to be easy, it can be hard to rid your mind from mundane thoughts and just relax (which is why a meditation practice is essential).  But, once you do, focus (tune in on the senses) and try not to work too hard on achieving results.

You will know when you are open and ready to receive, once you enter a state of peace and your awareness starts to expand.  Allowing you to become more alert and connected.

Here is how to exercise intuition with Scrying:

  1. Get comfortable, and prepare to be patient (Scrying can take time)
  2. Hold a question or intention in mind
  3. Focus on the chosen object to Scry – remember to relax and not strain your eyes, release all tension (i.e. in the jaw, shoulders, etc.)
  4. Be an observer and allow any images, thoughts, etc. to come and go (flow, like driftwood)

Once your session is over, be sure to write down everything you experienced.  As with many signs from the Universe, the message it contains may not be apparent today, but tomorrow, it can make a lot of sense.

9. Tea Leaf Readings:

Established, like all divination tools, on the concept of directing energy.  Reading tea leaves is, very similar to Scrying (if not the same), and was a popular craft for traveling gypsies (through-out Europe, plus Middle East). 

Divination Tools List and Supplies

Commonly used to reveal hidden blockages, offer advice and forecast the future.  Today, Tea Leaf Reading are Well-known through-out the World and view tea leaf readings as an accessible way to exercise creativity or intuition.  However, it does take some skill and a lot of practice (like all Divination Tools).

An ancient and somewhat mysterious ritual, here is how to exercise intuition via a tea leaf reading:

  • Add about a pinch of full-leaf black tea to a light-colored tea cup (for easier reading).
  • Pour hot water over leaves and allow them to soak for approx. 3 – 5 minutes.
  • While drinking the tea, reflect on your intention/questions
  • When only a small amount of tea is left (i.e. 1 tablespoon), in a circular motion, move the cup clockwise – 3x. Some of the tea and leaves should swish up the sides.
  • Then, flip the cup down on a saucer and allow the left-over tea to drain.
  • After 1 minute or so, flip the cup right side up and begin to read your leaves.

As you search for configurations and patterns, also pay attention to density of wet leaves and color.  Moreover, don’t forget to be cognizant of your senses.  In general, try to create a story with what you see and feel free to enlist the help of another tool, like these Tarot Cards – Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.

Overall, there is a lot that goes into reading tea leaves.  So, if interested, definitely check out this old, but fundamental text, Reading Tea Leaves – written by “A highland Seer” in 1881.  To accompany this book, also look into obtaining a tea cup, like this beginner’s Cup of Destiny listed on Amazon.

In conclusion, this post was about 9 Divination Tools we love for exercising intuition.  Trying these different approaches are great for getting in touch with a higher source of power.  Yet, the ultimate goal is for you to truly see yourself as the main instrument.  As you explore how the Universe works with you and through you.  Be open to receiving clear guidance and finding what feels comfortable, even natural.  As always, this work isn’t easy.  But, it is essential.


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