7 Odd, Yet Insanely Common Dreams & What They May Mean!

Are you wondering “What the heck did I dream last night?!”  Well, here are 7 somewhat odd, but insanely common dreams and what they may mean.

Common Dreams and What They Mean

Do our dreams really mean anything?  As someone who believes there is a deep, spiritual meaning to our nightly visions, the obvious answer to this question is – YES!  Likewise, as someone who has experienced clairvoyant dreams, I definitely see them as a tool to uncover hidden desires and unconscious wishes.

Psychology wise, according to the great Sigmund Freud, dreams are basically the gateway to the subconscious and super-conscious realms. And, by examining “Manifest” or the obvious content within our dreams.  We are able to reveal hidden urges that are the culprits to mental health issues.

Even though modern concepts nix the idea of our dreams having any meaning.  This has not stopped me and many others, from dream analysis and/or interpretation.  Personally, I aim to consistently discover common dreams and what they symbolically mean, for the soul purpose of growth and self-discovery.

10 Interesting Facts About Dreams:
  • We all dream (even animals).
  • Females and males dream differently.
  • Dreams are typically illogical and Disorganized.
  • Experiencing weird sensations are also normal.
  • You can control your dreams – Lucid Dreaming!
  • Individuals who are blind are capable of dreaming.
  • Not all dreams are in Color (i.e. dogs are color blind).
  • Dreams can be difficult to remember, plus Understand.
  • Common dream themes and what they mean, are Universal!
  • Unfortunately, intense and negative Emotions are very common in dreams.


Common Dreams & What They Mean #1 – BEING CHASED:

Apparently more common amongst women than men.  I’ve had many dreams that feature myself or someone I know, being chased by a known or unknown individual (or individuals).

common recurring dreams

So, what exactly does this mean?  Or more importantly, what hidden messages is our subconscious minds trying to reveal?

Many dream interpreters and dictionaries suggest the dream is attempting to tackle an issue we may be avoiding.  Which begs the question, is there something or someone in our waking lives that is causing us a lot of stress, anxiety or fear?

Furthermore, identifying the pursuer or pursuers in the dream can actual help in establishing a better understanding behind what we are trying to dodge.

As an example, being chased by an animal may signify running away from instinctual/intuitive issues (i.e. uncomfortable desires, habit or patterns) that are causing you strife.  While being chased by an actual person (or persons), could indicate a need to consciously resolve an issue with someone in particular.

Keep in mind, even though you may not know the person/s or thing chasing you.  The pursuer may have characteristics of the person or thing you are trying to avoid in waking life.

A tip, the next time you experience a dream where you are being chased, why not muster up the courage to stop and face your pursuer?  It’s ONLY A DREAM!

Common Dreams & What They Mean #2 – FLYING:

When you dream, are you flying high in the friendly skies, channeling your inner superman?  I know I am.

Warning Signs in Dreams

An exciting, liberating and powerful experience.  Flying while dreaming can indicate a very positive period in one’s life.  Independent from societal norms and restraints, you may find yourself dreaming about flying after unconsciously releasing yourself from a frustrating or difficult situation.  That may have been weighing you down.

Capable of perceiving the world from a bird’s eye view, it can also imply spotting things more clearly to reach goals.  And, being open to things that will lead to accomplishing success.

On the flip side, having a tough time trying to fly in a dream can suggest that something (or someone) is preventing you from moving forward.  Moreover, if you are unable to fly, you may be struggling to meet demands.

In both scenarios, self-reflect.  Are you holding yourself back?  If so, try letting go of control and allow things to naturally fall into place.

5 Quick Ways to Remember Your Dreams:
  • Follow a Regular Sleep Schedule.
  • Set an Intention before you fall asleep.
  • Try to naturally wake up without the distraction of an abrupt alarm.
  • Limit liquids, especially Alcohol and Caffeine (1-2 hours before bed).
  • Keep a pen/pencil and piece of paper by bedside – Dream Journal/Diary

Common Dreams & What They Mean #3 – SEXUAL INTERCOURSE:

FUN FACT – Just because you have sex with someone in your dream, doesn’t mean you have a desire for them.

common dream themes and what they mean

A lot of Therapist believe that the individuals we encounter in our dreams, actually represent aspects of ourselves that need some T.L.C.  So, when we dream of having sex with a specific person, it could mean they personify a feature that we want or a trait that needs some quality time and attention.

Likewise, when we are placed in a sexual situation with someone who we have never met or don’t have a desire for (i.e. someone of the same sex), we might want to consider what the person may represents in the waking world.

It may also help to consider any sensations.  Was the experience pleasurable or unpleasant?  An unpleasant experience could indicate an undesirable situation or an unhealthy habit, addiction, craving, etc.

Common Dreams & What They Mean #4 – FINDING VALUABLES:

Far from literal, finding money or valuables in your dreams is all about discovering something of value to your spirit. Or, in other words, discovering valuable things about yourself.

What your dreams say about you

With these types of dreams, think about what personal qualities or talents you have abandoned or recently stumbled upon.  Similarly, if you found something of value that belonged to someone else, question what qualities or talents in them, you value?


More popular with women than men.  Recurring dreams signify an unsolved issue.  Usually bad or stressful, these dreams will most likely end after the problem is remedied.  Recurring dreams are also more likely to happen with individuals who are unsatisfied with their current life situation.

Common Dreams & What They Mean #5 – HOUSE:

Oddly enough, when we dream of houses or even buildings, they generally represent our body and mind.  As you wander through your own physique, take note of anything that may need some fixing.

common dreams

Furthermore, is the condition of the house old, new, neglected or well-kept?  Also consider the rooms, which are symbolic of emotional and physical attributes.  Furthermore, discovering a hidden room could be about learning something new.

As an example, a dirty attic could mean de-cluttering the mind.  Clogged pipes could relate to a clogged organ (i.e. constipation).  Lastly, is the foundation of the house strong or weak?  If weak, be mindful of participating in activities were a bone injury could occur.

Additionally, visiting an old childhood home is a sign that something from the past needs to be dealt with (i.e. trauma); preventing you from moving on.  Lastly, open doors and windows could mean opportunities to release “skeletons in the closet.”

Common Dreams & What They Mean #6 – DRIVING A CAR:

According to interpreters and dictionaries, driving a car in dreams can represent direction and whether a person feels in control of their life.

common dream symbols

Cliché, if you have a dream about losing control while driving, it’s typically a sign that, in waking life, you feel, out-of-control.  Furthermore, if you are with someone who is driving and they lose control, it could mean the relationship is, well … out-of-control.

In all, take note of who is driving in the dream, for the driver is in charge of your life.  Likewise, instead of freaking out and attempting to exert undue influence over the wheel, release control and just see what happens; you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

On another note, a lost or stolen car can signify a lack of direction or ability to get where you want to go.

Common Dreams & What They Mean #7 – PARALYSIS:

Being trapped in a dream and unable to move, is terrifying.  Especially if you feel or see an unknown presence.

common dream themesAlthough I relate this type of dream to extraterrestrial activity.  To interpreters and dictionaries, they represent a person’s unwillingness or inability to move forward with something in waking life.  Moreover, the feeling of being stuck and restrained can stem from external or internal sources.

“Some people also hallucinate with an episode of sleep paralysis. It might seem as if someone else is in your room with you or holding you down on your bed.”- Healthline.com

As you attempt to interpret this type of dream, really consider your own insecurities as the key driving force.  Financial stress, worry, health concerns, conflicts in relationships, unresolved issues, can all be paralysis culprits.

Likewise, suppressing the emotions that come with these difficult life situations, only feeds the prospect of these dreams becoming habitual.  On a scientific level, paralysis occurs when you briefly lose the ability to move and talk.  In some instances, you might also find it hard to breathe.

In conclusion, this post was all about 7 odd, yet insanely common dreams and what they could mean.  I say “could,” because dreams are unique and dependent upon the subconscious of the individual.  Similarly, dreams are mirrors to our souls and are a valuable resource for introspection.  Reflecting upon personal concerns, desires, fears and future objectives.  With love, happy dreaming!


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