What YOU Need to Know About the 6 Clair Senses!

In this post, we explore the transformative potential of the 6 Clair senses, discovering how each one can serve as a powerful tool for gaining personal insight and growing a spiritual connection.

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In the fascinating world of metaphysics and spirituality, there exists a set of mystical senses, or psychic perceptions, known as the Clair senses.

Derived from the French word – Clair, meaning clear, these senses are believed to extend beyond our conventional understanding of awareness. And, are often used in the context of psychic or paranormal phenomena to describe heightened or extrasensory perception (ESP).

To unravel the mysteries surrounding these 6 Clair senses—clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfaction, and clairgustance.  We will define each one and provide an example, followed by a scenario.

How to Embrace 6 Psychic Perceptions for Personal Insight!

1. Clairvoyance: The Gift of Clear Seeing

Clairvoyance is often referred to as – clear seeing, and those with clairvoyant abilities claim to receive information through visual or mental images (like dreams).  Or, visions that go beyond the ordinary human perception of sight.

As an example, have you ever Imagined seeing vivid scenes or symbols in your mind’s eye, providing insights into the past, present, or future?

Here’s a scenario of a clairvoyant reading: Sarah, a clairvoyant practitioner, is conducting a reading for a client – Emily.  Together, they sit in a quiet and comfortable space conducive to a reading.  Where Sarah may use divination tools like tarot cards and crystals.

Going beyond normal sensory, and simply relying on her intuitive abilities.  Sarah closes her eyes, takes a few deep breaths and enters a focused, or meditative state, where she might visualize an energetic connection with Emily.  Specifically aiming to tune into any intuitive impressions.

During this process, Sarah begins to see images, symbols or scenes that are symbolic or representative aspects of Emily’s life.  As Sarah shares her impressions with Emily, she also interprets them, providing insights and offering guidance, predictions, or reflections on how her visions are relatable.

A beach scene with crashing waves is described, symbolizing a period of emotional turbulence.   Or, Sarah might see a key, suggesting upcoming opportunities or solutions.


In turn, Emily responds to Sarah’s insights, providing feedback on the accuracy and relevance of the information; whether it resonates with emotions or experiences.

Keep in mind that the experiences of clairvoyance (or any of the psychic perceptions), are highly subjective.  And, interpretations or beliefs in a matter can vary amongst individuals. Thus, while some people find value and meaning in clairvoyant readings.  Or a connection to metaphysical and spiritual context.  Others may approach such experiences with skepticism.

2. Clairaudience: The Art of Clear Hearing

The ability to hear information that isn’t audible to the ordinary ear. Clairaudience involves perceiving sounds, voices or messages beyond the physical realm.

An example of Clairaudience involves hearing a name, or your name, whispered and receiving guidance through inner auditory impressions during meditation.  Moreover, this sound is beyond the normal auditory range of perceptions.

Here’s a scenario illustrating a clairaudient experience: Say Alex, a clairaudient practitioner, is offering a session to a client named James.  This session takes place in a quiet, dedicated space where Alex can focus and minimize external noise and distractions.  Furthermore, to enhance his capabilities, Alex begins the session by quieting the mind and may use tools like meditation, prayer, specific rituals, or other exercises to ultimately ground himself.

The goal is to attune to a heightened state of awareness, where he can focus on auditory perceptions and hear voices, sounds, or messages that are not audible in the ordinary sense.

Again, these auditory impressions can come in the form of whispers, words, or even specific tones or music.


Alex communicates the auditory impressions to James, relaying the messages or information he claims to be receiving.  James listens to the information shared and validates or provides feedback on the accuracy and relevance of the auditory impressions.  Lastly, it’s crucial to recognize that the interpretations may involve understanding the symbolic meaning behind certain sounds or words.

3. Clairsentience: Sensing Beyond the Physical

Clairsentience is the ability to go beyond ordinary touch to feel information on an energetic level.  Often appearing in the form of emotions or physical sensations.  Similar to someone who is considered an empath, Clairsentient beings are able to sense the emotional state of others, without direct communication.  Or, unexpectedly feel a change in energy, while in a specific environment.

Here’s a scenario, illustrating a clairsentient response: Here’s a scenario, illustrating a clairsentient response: Rachel, a clairsentient individual, is spending time with her colleague – Mark, who has been feeling emotionally distressed lately.  As they casually have a conversation in the workplace break room, Rachel begins to feel strong emotional sensations.  But, they are not her own.

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Instead, it’s an empathic impression of Mark’s feelings of sadness, anxiety, and other radiating emotions.  Acknowledging the Clairsenntient or emotional influences, Rachel might proceed to say something like – I am sensing that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, is everything okay?

Surprised by Rachel’s response, Mark confirms that he has been dealing with some personal challenges and is indeed feeling overwhelmed.  Therefore, verifying Rachel’s clairsentient impression.  To offer support or guidance, Rachel suggests taking frequent breaks, seeking help or practicing other self-care strategies to manage stress.

Although the experience in this scenario involves the ability to pick up on the emotional energy of another.  A Clairsentient impression can also be a physical sensation, where you can suddenly feel another person’s headache, because they have not eaten.

4. Claircognizance: Knowing Beyond Knowledge

With the ability to receive information through an intuitive sense of certainty.  Claircognizance or clear knowing, involves an innate understanding without the need for prior knowledge or evidence.  Have you ever known a fact or gained insight about someone or situation without any logical explanation?

Well, here’s an example demonstrating a claircognizant insight: Emma, a claircognizant individual, is having a conversation with her friend, Melanie.  They are sitting in a café, having a casual chat about various topics.  When suddenly, Emma experiences a strong and clear knowing about something directly related to Melanie.

It could be information about an upcoming event, a decision Melanie is contemplating, or details about a situation in Melanie’s life.


Regardless, without any external cues or prior discussion, Emma feels a deep certainty about this information that has come to her through claircognizance. So, she decides to share this insight, carefully expressing what she knows with Melanie.  Additionally, since the wisdom coincides with Melanie’s experiences and thoughts, she is intrigued.  Giving Emma the opportunity to provide additional advice or context.  Offering guidance and support in light of intuition.

5. Clairolfaction: The Craft of Psychic Smelling

Also known as Clairalience, Clairolfaction allows individuals to clearly smell scents or odors without any source present in the physical environment.  An example would be detecting the aroma of a specific flower. Or, a scent associated with a spiritual presence in the absence of any tangible source.

An unpleasant smell like sulfur, a rotten egg, or poop, is a common sign that a spirit with bad intentions and a low vibrational frequency is present.


While this is less commonly discussed than the other Clair senses, here’s a scenario of a clairolfaction experience: Lisa, a clairolfactive or Clairalient  individual, is visiting her friend Mary’s house for the first time.  As they are in the living room, chatting and enjoying each other’s company.  Lisa abruptly smells a distinct fragrance of roses or a floral scent in the air.

Although there are no physical flowers or scented items nearby (no apparent source in the physical environment).  Lisa pauses and mentions to Mary – I am being charmed by a strong fragrance of roses … Do you have flowers close by?

A bit surprised, Marry looks around and confirms that there are no flowers, or scented items, in the room.  But feels called to share that roses were her grandmother’s favorite flowers and that she regularly felt her presence through the floral scent.

Resonating with Mary’s personal and emotional connection to the fragrance, Lisa interprets the clairolfaction experience as a psychic impression related to the presence of Mary’s grandmother. The scent of roses, in this case, is seen as a symbolic or meaningful message.

6. Clairgustance: Taste Testing Beyond the Physical

The perception of different tastes that have no apparent physical origin.  Clairgustance involves the, somewhat odd, ability to taste flavors or substances without actually consuming anything.  A simple example of this clear sense, is experiencing the taste of a particular flavor, such as sweetness or bitterness, without ingesting any corresponding food or drink.

Also less commonly discussed than the other Clair senses, here’s a scenario of Clairgustance under psychic or intuitive circumstances:

Jessica, a clairgustant individual, is attending a gathering at her friend Alex’s house.  Situated in the kitchen, where Alex is preparing a variety of dishes for the guests.  As Jessica is speaking she awkwardly experiences the taste of mint in her mouth.

Thrown off by the unanticipated taste, as there are no mint-flavored beverages, foods, or ingredients nearby.  Nor has Jessica consumed anything minty recently.  She mentions to Alex – For some reason, I’m getting this robust taste of mint in my mouth.  Did you or are you using mint in any of the dishes?

Alex checks the ingredients and confirms that none of the dishes contain mint.  Yet, curious about Jessica’s clairgustant experience, Alex remarks that mint was a favorite flavor of a relative who has newly passed away.

Resonating with Alex’s personal and emotional connection to the taste of mint. Jessica interprets the clairgustance experience as a psychic impression related to the presence or influence of Alex’s deceased relative. With the taste of mint, in this case, seen as a symbolic or meaningful message.

Ultimately, the exploration of the 6 Clair senses opens a doorway to a realm where perception transcends the ordinary.


To conclude this post, it’s important to note that a diverse set of  individuals may interpret and experience these senses in various ways.  Moreover, the beliefs in these phenomena vary.  And, are often associated with spiritual or metaphysical practices rather than being scientifically proven.  While these experiences are deeply personal and subjective.  Individuals embracing these senses often find profound meaning and connection in their lives. 

Furthermore, whether you are a believer or a skeptic, the allure of these psychic or extrasensory perceptions continues to captivate the imagination, inviting us to consider the vast mysteries that may lie beyond our conventional understanding of reality.

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