AFFIRM: I Only Seek & Think the Truth

Embracing authenticity, I am trying this thing where my mind holds what I think with God.  What does that mean?  Affirming  –  I only seek & think the truth.

For some reason, “Satnam” comes to my mind.  The meaning – “I am truth,” “truth is my essence” or “whose name is truth” – referring to God, who is true and everlasting.

the thoughts of God are thoughts of Love

The way I see it, God is an idea and as my creator, I am an idea or thought in the mind of God.  Furthermore, when I project (or think) the thoughts of God, I am essentially co-creating with the Universe.

However, the law of free-will gives me the ability to think without love.  But when I choose to think without love, am I really thinking?  Or am I hallucinating, playing into the craziness, illusions and fears of the world?

God is love and all encompassing, right? And, what is all encompassing can have no opposites.  Only God is real and God is love.  If God is my creator, then I AM Love.

What AM I?!  The Uncertainty of What We Truly Are

Yet, illusions can be as powerful in effect, as the truth.  I’ve experienced points in my life when what is real, felt threatened or attacked and therefore, less real.  Likewise, what is LESS real, feels MORE real.

This is when I must affirm – I only think and seek the truth.  Remembering that authenticity is what I am trying to embrace, as I align my ideas and thoughts with love to co-create.

This work is not easy.  But, it is ESSENTIAL.


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